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You may not have heard of makeup artist Emmily Banks, but you’ve probably seen her work on wellness personalities like Melissa Ambrosini or Lee Holmes, or stumbled across her growing business Depths of Beauty. Emmily created Depths of Beauty so that she could bring together her two passions — wellness and beauty — and help people make the switch to products that are healthier, ethically manufactured and cruelty free.

What is your health philosophy? Has it changed in recent years? 

My health philosophy is all about balance. I know it sounds cliche but it truly is the key to looking and feeling your best. And while I think I always knew balance was an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it’s definitely become more crucial in recent years. Running a startup while trying to maintain a healthy, relaxed coastal lifestyle is a juggling act. To stay grounded I keep coming back to the elements that energise me — good food, exercise, plenty of rest and the all important “me time”.


Emmily Banks working on set at a photoshoot. Photo: provided

What is your daily fitness routine?

My daily fitness routine varies depending on my work schedule. On an ideal day I love to head to my local gym and do a high intensity workout like a boxing class with some weights followed by a sauna and a dip at Icebergs. However, when I’m short on time my go to is a half hour run with some stairs if I can find them or a good sprint at the end to really get the blood pumping.

What’s your favourite exercise?

It’s got to be running. I think I took off running as soon as I could walk – it’s just always felt like such a natural movement for my body. I also love that you can do it anywhere, you don’t need any equipment, ideally just some beautiful wide open spaces.


Photo: Will Hartl

What do you eat on a general day? 

I generally start with a late breakfast after the gym. If I have time or am eating out my breakfast menu usually consists of a combination of poached eggs, avocado, mushrooms and spinach but when I’m working on location, a green protein smoothie keeps me energised. I’m also quite partial to a turmeric or matcha latte as a mid morning treat. Lunch is usually light after eating a substantial late breakfast. Bone broth is an absolute favourite at the moment with the colder weather but in summer I’m more inclined to grab a salad or sushi. My favourite go to snack is activated nuts or a yummy raw treat and a green juice from Orchard St. Dinner is by far my favourite and biggest meal of the day. I’m currently obsessed with Lee Holme’s gut healing recipes. Alternatively I love a good curry with heaps of good quality spices, coconut milk and tonnes of veggies.


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What’s your favourite healthy recipe?

I can’t go past a good chicken and vegetable soup when slowly and lovingly prepared – it really is amazing for the body, mind and soul.

What’s your food splurge?

I’ve loved chips and gravy ever since I was a kid and not much has changed, aside from I probably don’t splurge on them quite as often as I used to when I was younger! But when it comes to a food splurge, it’s always chips (and gravy if I can get it) with no guilt attached. I figure if you’re going to indulge in a not so healthy treat, you may as well enjoy it.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my first e-book. It’s been an amazing creative process and I can’t wait to get it out there so everybody can easily access all the goodness of natural beauty and hopefully use it in helping them to make the transition to a healthier and happier beauty routine and lifestyle.


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Is there a motto that you live by?

I really think that whatever you believe, you can achieve. So if you only believe you can go so far then chances are you’re going to prove yourself right. It’s all about believing BIG!

What gives you the greatest joy – in your business and also in life – and what are the most challenging aspects?

My life and Depths of Beauty are inextricably intertwined which is a beautiful thing. I think the greatest joy in life is loving what you do. I love my work and knowing that through Depths of Beauty I’m able to have a positive impact on people and the environment around me. For me it just doesn’t get better than that. I guess the most challenging aspect of this is knowing how important my message is and trying to spread it as far as possible. It can sometimes feel like a slow process but I believe BIG so that’s where it’s headed.

How do you keep a clear mind with so much going on?


Photo: Will Hartl

My life can get somewhat crazy, so taking time for myself is really important. Exercise and swimming in the ocean are my two greatest tools when it comes to clearing my mind and taking a little “me time”. Both of them take up a relatively small part of my day but have the ability to completely change my headspace on even the craziest of days. I’ve also learnt how important it is to surrounded myself with beautiful, positive, like-minded friends who make me laugh and remember whats really the most important thing in life – connection with others.

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