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“How I started my own activewear label” Vicious Cycle's Tanya Weeks

“Before l started Vicious Cycle [a spin studio at Bondi Beach] l was a buyer in the fashion industry. The vision under the Vicious brand was always to develop the label. Being so close to the product wearing it everyday, performing and sweating in it and seeing so many clients coming in and watching what they are wearing you know pretty quickly what the gaps are in the market. For me it was easy. There’s either unattractive high performance gear out there or un-functional high fashion. We decided to fuse them together.”

“After meeting my business partner as a rider in the studio and hearing of her incredible experience in the industry along with realizing the gap in the market for sexy, fashionable high performance wear, we decided to begin developing a basic black range that would be the foundation of the label and build from there.”

“We wanted to start with the staples, get the core business right, get our brand awareness out there and then launch into other collections including fashion colours, swim and over time mens. We’ve created a product that has functionality, it will feel good to perform in and it will withstand the highest of performance as it sits well on the body and moves in all the right places with the body. Designed with the durability and performance of the indoor cyclist in mind it extends in appeal well beyond the bike to all bodies that move, sweat, stretch spin and over time swim.”

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