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Sally Fitzgibbons’ advice for achieving success My fit life

She’s a published author, the global ambassador of Piping Hot surfwear and the founder of a charity that inspires young people to live healthier lives… Oh and one of Australia’s most-loved pro surfers.

Sally Fitzgibbons’ desire to succeed has earned her nine world tour wins and three runner-up finishes to the world title. But her ambition extends well beyond the waves, and she will soon be adding a fitness business and app to her portfolio. So what inspired the South Coast local to become such a global phenomenon?


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What is your health philosophy?

I always put the best into my body to get the best out of it.

What is your daily fitness routine when prepping for a surf comp?

Being on the road often means routine can be difficult but it’s all about being adaptive. No matter what, I’ll always wake up before the sun, throw my joggers on and go for a run. It’s my meditation, and connects me to wherever I am in the world at that time. I’ll come home, refuel with fresh fruits and seasonal veggies plus some protein. It can be tricky getting the right foods when you’re travelling but I always try and keep it fresh and wholesome.

I never leave home without my fit ball and after breakfast I’ll go through a stretch series to loosen the body and get ready for competition.


Sally Fitzgibbons stretching using her fit ball. Photo: Trent Mitchell/Red Bull Content Pool

What’s your favourite thing about competing?

I love the intensity of competition and the battles that go down when myself and fellow athletes are pushing hard for the top prize and furthering women’s surfing. It’s exhilarating and the rewards of winning is worth every single little sacrifice we make.


Sally Fitzgibbons surfing in Torquay, Australia. Photo: Ryan Miller/Red Bull Content Pool

Where’s your favourite surf break and why?

I’ve been really lucky to surf many of the world’s great waves but my favourite break to surf is the ones around my home town of Gerroa. It’s like an old best friend, you can go away for weeks on end, come home and it’s always great spending time together. There’s reef breaks, rock shelves and awesome beaches all over the South Coast of NSW, so I’ve been very fortunate.

What are your favourite exercises outside of surfing?

I have a varied approach to fitness, and incorporate a lot of different forms into my training. I run every morning, and often inject yoga, swimming, boxing and gym weight sessions into my workouts. It keeps it fresh, energised and effective.


Photo: Instagram @sally_fitz

What do you eat on a general day?

Because my training is quite intensive I need to fuel right. For breakfast I’ll have any variety of eggs and veggies. I’ll snack on fruit during the mid-morning and Blue Dinosaur bars. I love my protein and veggie-rich chicken soup for lunch. Dinner is a great time to stock up on the vegetables and quality proteins like a nice piece of fresh fish, chicken or red meat.


Photo: Instagram @sally_fitz

What’s your favourite healthy recipe?

I love my smoothies, here’s a couple to try from my book, Live Like Sally.

Berry smoothie
2 cups mixed frozen berries
1 banana 330ml coconut water
A few drops of vanilla essence

Green smoothie
330ml coconut water 1 cup spinach leaves, loosely packed
1 banana
½ avocado
1 tsp honey

Cacao nut shake
1 cup almond milk
1 banana
2 tbsp cacao powder
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 tsp maple syrup or honey

What other upcoming projects are you working on?

I can’t wait to share with everyone the Train Like Sally fitness app. It uses my varied approach to fitness to give you an exciting and creative way of exercising in different ways. I feel it has the perfect amount of old school effort, and new school thinking to help you achieve your strongest, healthiest body.


Sally Fitzgibbon for fashion surf brand, Piping Hot. Photo: Instagram @sally_fitz

Tell us a little bit about the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation and why you started it?

Child obesity is a major, debilitating disease that can be prevented, and the Sally Fitzgibbons Foundation has been established to do that. I believe in making a difference and energising the next generation of Aussie kids, and we’ll set out to connect, inspire and energise people in the community to make positive and active change.

If you could give young Aussies one piece of advice for achieving their dreams what would it be?

A smile will take you the mile. Love what you do and make the most of every moment. Lastly, never be afraid to try your hardest at anything – hard work and effort it’s never something to be ashamed of.

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