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Summer holiday best buys

We have a feeling that summer is about to hit. I mean, really hit this time. So here are the top 5 things you’ll need to enjoy summer, the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.


  1.  A round towel 

What, you mean you haven’t got one yet? Pah! The best bit about these beautiful towels is that they actually give you more personal space on the sand, and for those who respect beach etiquette and don’t want to sit RIGHT NEXT TO OTHER PEOPLE ARE YOU CRAZY, that’s very important. Ahem.


Beach Bella towel, $84.95


2. A super-hat

This one’s a beauty and will keep your skin safe from the sun while looking uber-stylish.


Hat, Zimmermann, $390


3. A one-piece

Try this awesomely cool one that will make you feel like a goddess-like blend of Cameron Diaz and Selena Gomez. Plus it’s on sale!



Swimsuit, Duskii, $138.50



4. A swanky suitcase

Because who wants to wheel dodgy gear when you’re off on your holiday?




Suitcase, Paklite, $389, ph 1300 30 30 21 for stockists.


4. Trainers

These will take you from day to night, dance floor to daytime.

pierre hardy sneakerse

Sneakers, Pierre Hardy, $795


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