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5 metabolism myths, busted

“I’ve got a slow metabolism.” It’s the general excuse people dish up when they can’t lose weight, and with good reason: the metabolism is essentially the process by which our bodies convert fuel (food) into energy. The faster it does this, the faster it burns through the fuel. So it’s not hard to see why people are always trying to rev up their metabolism.

“The endocrine system which produces hormones is largely responsible for a person’s metabolic rate,” says Joseph Agresta from Science of Fitness in Brisbane, “A hormone called thyroxin, produced in the thyroid, is instrumental in determining how fast or slow our metabolism may work and insulin, produced in the pancreas, plays the main role of how balanced our catabolic and anabolic state may be.”

Every person is different, so metabolism can be affected by types of food eaten, body types, gender, age and auto-immune diseases.

MYTH 1: Chilli revs up your metabolism

“Chilli only has a very small effect for a short time,” says Agresta. “It typically stimulates the sympathetic nervous system through an increase in body temperature which will result in a slightly raised metabolic rate. So as long as you feel ‘warmer’ you may have a slight increase in metabolic rate.”


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MYTH 2: Eating carbs at night is bad for your metabolism

New research points to the total kilojoules consumed making the difference to your metabolism, not when you eat them, as previously thought.

“Your metabolism will continue to work if your body requires the energy to be replenished,” says Agresta, “If carbs are eaten at night, they can set you up for a good day of energy the next day, increasing muscle and liver glycogen.”

MYTH 3: Running long and steady is the best fat burner

“High Intensity Interval Training is the recent winner,” says Agresta. “It leaves the body burning energy for a lot longer after a workout as it remains in an anabolic state due to more tissue needing to be repaired.”

Swedish researchers confirmed in a 2015 study, that small bursts of intense exercise boost the production of mitochondria – the cell’s batteries – which enhance muscle endurance. “Our study shows that three minutes of high intensity exercise breaks down calcium channels in the muscle cells,” says Professor Hakan Westerblad.

“Weight training comes a close second,” says Agresta. “Low intensity, steady exercise is good over a long time frame and will burn a large amount of kilojoules and result in weight loss.” So if you have less time, a HIIT session is your best bet, but a long brisk walk on weekends is just as good if you have all day to yourself.

MYTH 4: You should eat six small meals instead of three big ones

“Eating regularly may help the metabolism stay in an anabolic state as we avoid the storage of food by continually using energy supplies,” says Agresta, “But again, this is different for every person. Someone who is sedentary may not benefit from eating often. For the most of us, eating six small meals a day is not necessary, or better for your metabolism.”’


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MYTH 5: Skipping breakfast slows your metabolism

“It depends on what your body needs,” says Agresta, “If you’re hungry, eat breakfast but if you wake up around mid morning and don’t feel the need to refuel, you may do more good by waiting till the next meal to eat. When we sleep, we are in a parasympathetic state which is largely a ‘rest and digest phase’ so we should have plenty of fuel, provided we have eaten enough the night before.”

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