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6 barre moves for a tighter butt

If you’ve never done a barre class, this is a great introduction. It will strengthen and tone your booty like never before.

“This is our express workout to tone the lower body!” says Becca from Aerial Fit in Castle Hill, “If you are working out at home, you can use a window sill, chair, bench or table as a barre. Barre is all about control, focus on isolating your movements, and holding your posture.”

1.Plié in parallel

Facing the barre/chair/windowsill/table, step close to hold the barre with less than a right angle at the elbows.

With the spine completely straight and shoulders back and down, lean backwards and bend at the knees to come into a chair pose (see picture Exercise 1).

Go down to chair position and rise up to stand. That’s one plie.

Do this sequence: Eight single pliés, eight pulses from chair pose, eight pelvic tilts*. Two rounds.

*A pelvic tilt is where you tilt the tailbone under and squeeze the core, and then slightly arch the back.


Exercise 1

2. Ball behind the knee

Facing the barre, keep a slight bend in the elbow and a soft hold on the barre.

Place the ball behind the right knee, keeping a subtle bend in the standing leg.

Square the hips to the barre and draw the tailbone under. This is an isolation exercise, so keep the shoulders back and down, core engaged and stillness in the torso.

From here, extend the right leg behind, squeezing the glutes at the top (see picture Exercise 2), then draw the knee back in.

Sequence: Eight single repetitions, hold at the top for eight counts, eight pulses. Two rounds on each side.

For an extra challenge, add on exercise three without a break.


Exercise 2

3. Ball to the side

With the same set up as Exercise two, open the right hip and extend the right leg out to the side. Be sure not to curl the spine here, draw the belly in and stay stable in the torso.

Squeeze the glutes at the top of the movement (see picture Exercise three), and slowly return to centre.

Sequence: Eight single repetitions, hold for eight counts, eight pulses at the top of the movement. Two rounds on each side.

For an extra challenge, add on Exercise four without a break.


Exercise 3


4. Lunges with ball

Facing the barre, keep hands shoulder width apart and feet are parallel, hip width apart. Roll the shoulders back and keep a long spine.

Take the right knee up into the chest, lunge into the left leg and send the right leg behind.

From here, squeeze the left glute to lift back to standing, bringing the right knee back into the chest.

The focus here is to lift and lengthen upwards with control. This exercise is great for toning the glutes and hamstrings.

Throughout this exercise keep the spine long, engage through the core and do not hunch forward.

Sequence: Eight lunges, eight pulses at the bottom, then hold at the bottom and bring the right knee forward eight times.

Repeat sequence twice on each leg.

For extra toning of the hamstring, place a pilates ball behind the knee (see picture Exercise four).


Exercise 4


5. Narrow first position

Standing to the side of the barre with the heels touching and feet turned out, without pushing your turnout too far (a fist distance between your big toes is enough), place a pilates ball underneath your heels. This can also be done without a ball, pressing into the first two toes, making sure the ankles aren’t falling out to the sides.

From here, come down halfway without arching the back (see picture Exercise five).

Stay strong in the torso, and keep the arm in second position.

Sequence: Eight singles, eight pulses, hold for eight counts, and eight pelvic tilts*. Swap sides and repeat twice.


Exercise 5

6. Leg extensions

Stand facing the barre at an arm’s length away, fold at the hips and place one forearm over the other and place them on the barre. Lower the forehead to rest on the arms. Alternatively, if your barre is too low, you can have your hands on the barre with the elbows subtly bent.

Lengthen the spine here to avoid hunching, keep a subtle bend in the knees and draw up through the core.

Keep both hips facing downwards, and start to straighten the right leg and extend back (see picture Exercise 6).

The lift in the leg will engage the glutes and hamstrings.

Aim for length in the leg rather than height – if the back starts to arch the leg is lifting too high.

Sequence: Eight pulses (squeezing the glutes and lifting a fraction higher), eight small circles clockwise, eight small circles anticlockwise, then hold at the top of the movement for eight counts. Two rounds on both sides.


Exercise 6


Becca Chensee

About the person who wrote this

Becca Chensee

Becca has been practicing yoga for ten years, teaching for five. Her love of yoga led her to the aerial arts and she now co-owns Aerial Fit, an Aerial Yoga and Barre studio in Sydney's Hills District. She teaches Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Silks and Barre.

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