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6 poses to energise you

Just woke up and still have sleep written all over your face? Or maybe it’s mid-afternoon and you’re hitting that 3pm slump. Instead of slinking towards the biccie jar which will only make you feel more tired, get up and get moving! These poses will  get the heart pumping and oxygen circulating to boost your energy.

Three-legged down dog with knee to nose

Starting from downward facing dog, lift your right leg high up and back, extending through your heel. On the exhale, draw the knee to the nose, stacking shoulders over wrists and doming across the upper back as you curl in. Re-raise the leg on the inhale and repeat the action three to five times. Step the foot back to dog pose before changing sides. Feel the core engage to pull the knee forward and through. Synchronising inhale to leg lifts and exhales to curl in, floods the body and mind with oxygen for a great kickstart to the day!


3 legged dog

High lunge

With a deep lunge in the front leg, and strong firm upward press of the back thigh, the legs are fully fired up. The torso is bright, with an upward lift of the chest and bold extension through raised arms and spread fingers. Look upward and turn the corners of your mouth upwards to match. Keep awareness of strength in the low belly by hugging in floating ribs.



Temple pose with arms raised

In a wide stance, toes and knees turned outwards in the same direction, start to squat down, bringing the knees towards a 90 degree angle. Feel the glutes firm and extend the tailbone down to lengthen the low back. In the opposite direction, reach the arms proudly upwards, keeping the shoulders plugged into their sockets, maintaining spaciousness around the neck. Spread the fingers energetically and take 5-10 deep slow breaths, gazing gently upwards, revelling in your prowess. Option to pulse a few times up and down to feel a pleasant muscle burn through thighs and glutes.


Triangle pose

From a wide stance, turn the right foot forward, keeping the back foot parallel to the back edge of the mat. Lift and lengthen through the spine and reach far forward with the right arm and ribcage before tilting the torso to allow the right hand to land inside the front shin. Reach the arms apart at 6 and 12 o’clock, tilting the head and gaze upwards to the top hand. Let the centre of the chest fully expand with every breath. 5-10 breaths before switching sides.



Side plank

In a high push up position, having shoulders stacked over wrists, step the big toes to touch and tip the heels down to the right side of your mat. Ground the right hand as the left arm reaches strongly to the sky. Stack the right hip above the left hip, really feeling the abdominals get involved to hold you there, whilst you press your hips higher up. Look upwardly and take 5-10 breaths before changing sides.



Cobra pose

Lying on the belly, slide the hands back in line with the middle of the rib cage. Ground the hands lightly downwards and back as you pull your heart forwards and upwards to the amount that feels good in your back. Slide the shoulder heads down and open brightly through the sternum as the chest rises. Lengthen and stretch upwards through the neck and look up with the eyes if it is comfortable. Take 5 deep breaths before lowering down.


About the person who wrote this

Thy Nguyen

Thy is the senior teacher and owner/director of her yoga studio, Modo Yoga Sydney. Thy was born and raised in Canada, when she followed her heart to Sydney 4 years ago. Having practiced yoga for 12 years (and counting!), she also enjoys running and strength training to keep everything feeling amazing! She loves sharing her passion and light-hearted approach to yoga, making it accessible, welcoming and fun for all her students.

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