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6 tools every wannabe runner needs

So you’ve started running (or at least started running in your head – which is a beginning, don’t get disheartened! Visualisation is a strong tool and will lead to you running for real soon). Anyway, you’ve started running, but need some help to keep it up regularly. Whether you run once a week or five times, it doesn’t matter – the tools you need are still the same. And if you have these tools, you may find yourself upping your running game.


1. A goal

Let’s be honest. Running can be tough. Especially when you are just starting out.

Setting yourself a goal to train towards will help you to stay motivated with your runs (especially on the days where you much rather stay in bed!). Setting a goal will also allow you to appreciate just how much you have improved from when you first started.

Try this:
Entering a running event is the best form of motivation you can have. Plus it’s an instant way to set yourself a goal for your training. We have a lot of awesome running events coming up in Sydney, including the SMH Half Marathon in May.

2. A quality training program

We see so many runners who have been injured because they went too hard too early, or because they focused solely on running long distances and forgot about all the other training aspects that make up a good runner.

A quality running program should include these elements:

  • A slow build up. Aim to increase your distance by around 10% each week.
  • A mix of long slow runs to build endurance plus high intensity intervals to build speed and fitness.
  • A strength component. Strength training is so important for runners who need to have strong legs, strong core and a whole lotta muscular endurance. We recommend 2 strength sessions a week in addition to your running training.
  • Rest Days. The rest days are where you recover and build your fitness. If you don’t factor in rest days, you will start to over-train and may get injured. Which no-one wants.

Try this
You can either join a running group who will take care of all of this for you, or there are some awesome online programs available for you to follow.

3. A yoga practice

Running is hard on your body. All that pounding the pavement can result in muscle imbalances and can also wear away at your joints. Practising yoga, especially a slower form of yoga such as yin yoga is a great way to balance your running training and keep your body feeling 100%.

Try This
Use one of your rest days to incorporate a regular yoga practice. Yin Yoga is a great form of yoga for runners as it really gets into the lower hips, back and thighs.

4. Running buddies

Sometimes you just need someone who gets why running is so important to you. Enter your running buddies. Running is so much more fun when you can share the journey with others. Running buddies help to keep you motivated and on track with your training. They help you to push yourself harder than you would if you were training by yourself. Plus you have some mates to celebrate with once you have achieved your goals.

Try This
Join a Running Group or Run Club where you can train with a group of like-minded locals who share your love for running and who you can run with, compete against, motivate and celebrate all the victories with!

5. Good shoes

Do you really need an excuse to buy a new pair of running shoes? Wearing the right pair of shoes can prevent a lot of running injuries. We recommend that all our runners get fitted for a new pair of shoes each year.

Try This
We love The Running Company at Bondi because they complete a running gait analysis and really take the time to make sure you walk away with the perfect pair of shoes for you.

6. A good watch

A good watch can act like your own personal running coach. Keeping on top of your own performance will help to make sure that you are constantly improving and are on track to achieving your running goals.

Just a few of the key stats that we love to keep an eye on are our average pace, heart rate and speed.

Try this
Get a running watch with an inbuilt GPS System that can keep track of your average speed, map your runs for you and let you know the distances you are running each week.

Kimmy Smith

About the person who wrote this

Kimmy Smith

Kimmy is one half of East Side Crew, the Group Fitness and Run Club specialists who run amazing group training at Bronte and Coogee Beaches. East Side Crew also offer a 10 Week Run Club for the SMH Half Marathon and the City2Surf where they train all levels of runners and help to raise money for the Black Dog Institute. Kimmy is also a mum to two beautiful girls and is extremely passionate about helping new mums to return to fitness and build their beautiful, fit and strong bodies after giving birth.

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