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6 ways to cure Man Hip

Ever lived with a guy who has Man Hip? It’s kind of like Man Flu but way worse, because it never goes away. Constant complaining about tight hips and hamstrings which leads to lower back pain, and a hobbling man are common symptoms. Instead of suffering through the drama, tell him to heed the following advice from yoga instructor, Evangeline Yeun, to help loosen the muscles, alleviate pain and create a path to long-term happiness. Yours, as well as his.

Remember to take long, deep breaths in these poses and imagine that your hips are like hard butter, but your breath will soften them into melted butter. Relax, breathe and enjoy the freedom in your hips!

Garland Pose

Squat with your feet at the edges of your mat. Feet can be turned out or parallel, but try to get them flat. Press your elbows against your inner knees and have hands together at heart centre to lengthen the spine. Hold and breathe for one minute.

Half pigeon

Sitting on your mat, place your right thigh bone parallel to the side edge of your mat, with shin parallel to the top edge of your mat. Back leg is straight and hugging into the midline. Your back foot presses into the mat or curl your back toe under. Sit up tall and square your hips. If you’re hips are uneven place a blanket or block underneath your hip. Lengthen your spine and forward fold over your leg. Hold and breathe for at least one minute and do the left side.


Lizard Pose

Place your right foot between your hands to a lunge position. Make sure the knee and ankle are aligned. Bring both forearms to the floor or place on a block or bolster inside your right leg. Keep left toes on the floor and your inner left thigh lifting and pressing your heel back, or modify by placing the back knee down on your mat. Hold and breathe for one minute and do the left side.

Photo: Managedmoms.com

Photo: Managedmoms.com

Bound Angle Pose

Sitting down, bend your knees and bring the soles of your feet together with the outer edges of your feet touching the ground. If you can’t sit up straight, sit on a block. Stay here or fold forward. Hold and breathe for one minute.

Frog Pose

Fold your mat in half length-wise if your knees are a bit sensitive or place a blanket on top of your mat for more padding. Get on your hands and knees, then go down to your elbows. Open knees as wide as you can. Bend your knees so that knees and ankle are aligned. Flex your feet. Draw your ribs in and lengthen your tailbone to encourage a long spine. Ground your forearms into the mat, lift up out of the shoulder girdle and encourage the shoulders to draw away from your ears. Hold and breathe for at least one minute.


Shoelace Pose

Stack your right knee on top of your left knee sitting down between your heels. Your feet should be about the same distance on either side. If you can’t anchor your right sitting bone on the mat, then sit on a block or blanket. You can stay sitting upright with a long spine or you can reach your arms in front of you and forward fold allowing your head to rest near your knees. Keep your sitting bones grounded and allow your hips to soften and open. Hold and breathe for one minute and do the other side.

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