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7 ways boxing can improve your performance at work

1. Stress relief

Boss driving you crazy? Can’t close a deal? Time to let off some steam. Lunchtime boxing classes are a great way to deal with your frustration in a controlled environment and shake off that excess anxiety/stress/ anger from whatever is causing you grief at work. You can even yell if you want. Trainer Jamie Riley from Corporate Fitness Center has seen his fair share of over stressed workers.

“The interaction with others, the team unity and support given can help with anxiety and stress immensely,” he says and adds that several clients use boxing as a therapeutic release for tension.

2. Increased energy levels

Exercise creates an endorphin rush, which may be just what you need to push through that 3pm slump. Rather than having a heavy lunch and reaching for the caffeine, pull on some boxing gloves to energise your afternoon.

“Boxing has so many benefits and adds an adrenalin rush that is a step above other methods of exercise,” he says. He notices as the class progresses and bodies loosen up, that effort increases and clients walk out on a high. Imagine taking that exercise mojo into your afternoon presentation.

3. Concentration skills

You do not want to start daydreaming during a boxing class. BAM! Your sparring partner may collect a tooth or (as in my case once) the bag will take you out, and those things are heavy. You have to stay focused and be aware of your surroundings – the awareness that you create during boxing becomes daily habit. So, although at work you don’t have to worry about an avenging boxing bag sweeping you off your chair, you may be tuned into a situation that nobody else has noticed, or become more proactive in assessing outcomes. The focus required in boxing trains your mind to pick up fine details and concentrate completely on the task at hand.

4. Competitive edge

Champion boxers have to literally fight their way to the top. Navigating the career ladder can be just as brutal and sometimes you have to fight your way up. Maybe don’t take a swipe at the other candidate in line for a promotion, but, just like in boxing, get to know your opponent and see where you can improve your game to get ahead. However, boxing for fitness is a different game.

“What you get out of a boxing gym is etiquette, trust, respect and sportsmanship,” says Jamie.  “We encourage competition  against yourself and the belief that you can beat the person you were yesterday.”

5. Assertiveness

Learning to punch stuff takes a certain type of confidence. Boxing teaches you to act swiftly and make quick decisions to avoid taking a hit and be sure in your strength. Assertiveness isn’t just about fighting back. Boxers are paired up at reinforced rest stations, to give them the opportunity to encourage and push their teammate, which helps builds confidence in motivating others. When a situation arises in your professional environment you can use this skill to manage the outcome. Just like in a boxing ring, you can quickly analyse if the best move to step up and attack, offer encouragement or keep your gloves up for defense.

6. Skill development

It’s not all about smashing the guts out of a boxing bag. Boxing is a skill that you fine tune with lots of practice. After your initial sessions you’ll realise how precise the movements need to be. According to Jamie, learning to box is about hard work and consistency. Anyone who has tried a speedball can vouch for this! Jamie is honest with his clients and tells them to leave their ego at the door.

His advice is “don’t try to go too hard too fast, pace yourself and build from there.” Often we go about our jobs on autopilot, without taking time to nurture the precision in each of our skills. Recognising your small wins in boxing as you learn is great to take back to the workplace.

7. Extra muscle

Boxing is a serious workout. Jamie lists weight loss, speed, strength and agility as some of the amazing physical benefits of regular classes. “Boxing helps people become more aware of their body and what it’s truly capable of,” he says.

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