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When you’re the captain of the Australian national netball team, keeping your body in top condition is of utmost importance to succeed at an elite level. Laura Geitz led the Australian Diamonds team to victory at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and at the 2015 Sydney Netball World Cup, where the Diamonds claimed their third consecutive gold medal. She also captained the Queensland Firebirds to the 2015 ANZ championship and secured the title against the New South Wales Swifts. And she’s an official ambassador for the Brisbane City2South fun run. Enter by Apr 12 to save $10 on entry fees.

We caught up with Geitz to find out her diet and fitness routine.

1. What’s your fitness routine?

I’m lucky in that it’s usually up to our strength and conditioning coaches. A week for me is two strength and weight sessions, then three floor work sessions, which is all of our skills work and match play. We also have a conditioning session too. We do about nine to ten sessions a week and each session is two hours.

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2. What’s your health philosophy?

I think as an athlete, you learn pretty quickly you get out what you put in. I love looking after myself and eating the right food. I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. I love protein like most athletes do.

3. What would you eat on a general day?

We train quite early, from about 6am to 7.30am. I like to have a little light snack like a protein ball, before we train. After training, I’ll always have eggs on sourdough with avocado. If I don’t have that for breakfast, I will generally have that for lunch. My other lunch option would be probably leftovers from the night before or I’ll make up a sandwich with heaps of salad on it and protein. I don’t like getting too adventurous. I eat regularly to make sure I don’t get hungry because I am always hungry! Whenever I’m travelling or out visiting during the day, I make sure I take plenty of little healthy snacks along the way like different assorted nuts and protein balls, fruit and leftovers, like little muesli pots with yoghurt, things like that.

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4. What would be your food splurge?

I definitely have a sweet tooth. I think I got it from growing up in the country and having all of those home cooked sweets. Beautiful desserts, like a really nice carrot cake or a delicious lemon slice is my absolute weakness.

5. What’s your favourite workout gear?

I’m really lucky because I have a sponsorship with ASICS. They provide some amazing apparel to train in and by far they provide the best supportive shoes as well. They would have to be my choice.

6. Is there a trigger word that you use to help motivate your team?

Our key word is burn. That’s the last thing we say to each other in our huddle before we step out onto the court. It means a few different things to different girls, but burn is definitely our word to get us all pumped!


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7. What’s your favourite exercise?

My favourite exercise is playing netball. Without a doubt. It’s fast, exciting and a great workout. It’s such a high, energetic game. You can’t replicate how you feel after a netball game by doing any other exercise. It’s just so intense.

8. Netball is a fast-paced game of skill that requires core stability and balance. What are some good exercises to increase upper body strength?

We do a lot of gym training, so a lot of the strength training is basically to support our bodies out there on the court. It’s all about power, strength and speed. We do lots of squats and a lot of explosive weights like split squats and power jumps, really quick and fast strength work.

9. Endurance training is important to maintain the same pace throughout a whole netball match. How do you train to have better endurance?

We actually don’t do a lot of long distance running. We do tempo runs to get that aerobic base. Running 50 to 60 metres as fast as you can with a ten second recovery and then doing it again. Then, we do lots of three or four minute conditioning sets. It doesn’t sound that hard, but it is absolutely the hardest training you can do. It is much harder than going for a long run because it’s about having that speed and maintaining that same pace for an extended period of time. It’s amazing how, by doing that training, how much we improve.


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10. How do you fit in social life with work life and netball life?

I think my social life is with all of the netball girls and that’s why I love it so much. It’s not hard to go to training because it is an opportunity to catch up with all of my best mates. We probably have a better social life than many. We’re always away on weekends playing netball, going on shopping trips, catching up for coffee and breakfasts. The one thing I do struggle with is finding time with my family once the season starts, seeing my husband. We always make sure we have a date night scheduled in and get familiar with one another again.

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