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Does my chest look big in this? Danny Green's first Juice Daily column

Let’s be honest, men are no different to women when it comes to wanting to look good in their clothes. It’s only the body parts we focus on that differ.

Blokes who are starting to shed kilograms, or beginning to see their muscles grow, usually turn their focus to improving the definition in their chest, arm and abs regions. It’s great to start seeing the fruits of your labour, and there’s no more powerful motivator than seeing results.

In the pursuit of improving our health and body shape, it’s important that we don’t get caught up in the hype for the perfect pecs. There is no ‘fast track to success’ or ‘secret Soviet Union’ workout routine that is going to get you instant results.

We’ve all been on the wrong side of the scales – including me. When I retired for a year in 2008, I wasn’t in the best shape and lost muscle tone. I had to say to myself, “right Greeny, pull your head in, time to get healthy again.” So I started thinking healthy again – cut back on beer (not entirely!), limited the junk food and sugar, and started exercising consistently again.

The biggest mistake men make in the pursuit to get fit and healthy is comparing themselves to athletes, and the highly sculpted bodies we see in magazines, on TV and particularly now online. Predominantly for the younger guys, when everyone on Instagram seems to be sharing their sculpted abs and their own polished #hashtag #abs.

We have to keep perspective, and remember that athletes and the super fit devote their life to being in peak physical shape through intense conditioning, involving intense daily training with strict diet plans, and expert advice on hand. They are paid to be at the pinnacle, and have been in training for months and even years to look like they do. No one can turn into a world champion athlete in three months.

Instead, the focus for that perfect chest should start with the basics: a well balanced workout including cardio, resistance and stretching exercises that will shape those pecs, biceps and abs. Here’s a few tips to remember.

To help your muscles grow, you need to stimulate the body’s production of hormones which is best achieved by exercising all muscle groups. So mix it up a little. Don’t focus on one area of the body over the other, which commonly leads to overtraining and injury.
Don’t concentrate on ab crunches to lose the beer belly, but rather perform a complimentary range of cardio and resistance exercises to fight the flab first.
Body fat losses occur in all parts of your body. Don’t overlook your leg exercises when trying to stimulate chest and arm muscles.

Above all, diet is the key to developing lean strong muscle tone. Want a bigger chest? Think about what you are eating, and try adding a little more protein to your diet. You don’t need fancy supplements. It can be as simple as having a high protein breakfast that includes eggs after an early morning workout. Personally, I like to start the day with a breakfast smoothie made with fruit, nuts, a little water and raw eggs. Other good sources of protein include meat, fish, eggs or cheese.

If you want to gain weight, try a protein shake after your workout and before bed. A simple and cost effective way to make your own protein shake is to add 40g of skim milk powder to 400mls of low fat milk. Expensive pre-packaged protein shakes are no better or worse than making your own.

Good old fashioned hard work and commitment is always the key to success in burning body fat and building lean muscle tissue for longevity.

Set yourself daily goals, and you will soon be seeing those chesty results.

Go Team Danny Green.


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Danny Green is the only Australian boxer to have won four professional boxing world titles, over three different weight divisions, including the WBC Super Middleweight, WBA Light Heavyweight and two-times IBO Cruiserweight Champion. A highlight of Danny’s career was the defeat of American Boxing legend and future Hall of Fame fighter Roy Jones, Jr. Team Danny Green (TDG) is an online health and fitness community with champion boxer, Danny Green, at the helm. Danny was spurred into action when he learnt that obesity had overtaken smoking as the leading cause of premature death and illness in Australia. The program features simple and achievable food and exercise plans designed by some of Australia’s top trainers and nutritionists and guided by the philosophies of one of Australia’s most respected athletes.

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