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Five mind tricks to make you feel like Beyonce in dance class

If the thought of dancing in front of others makes you want to run and bury your head under a pile of woolen blankets, but you’ve always wanted to shake it like Queen Bey, fear not. There is a way to get through those first cringeworthy moments and find your inner soul sister.

“When people first walk into a dance class their ideas of what to expect are really varied and wide,” says choreographer and dancer At Ruben’s, Amrita Hepi. “This is why I lay some ground rules at the start of my classes. No one is allowed to make anybody feel bad about their movement or their body,” she says.

And did you know it’s smoother sailing once you have attended your first class? There is no “right” way or “wrong” way to move your body, as some people seem to think.

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It doesn’t take much effort to practice basic moves, so stop worrying about failure. Here are five tricks you can use to help you find your inner diva in your first dance class.

Dress for success

Feeling great in your party outfit makes your night, right? Well, the same goes for dancing. “Wear something that you will feel comfortable in,” says Hepi. Clothing that allows you to move around with ease (i.e. leggings and a t-shirt) will help you relax and enjoy your first dance session. Then you can purchase an appropriate dance outfit later if you decide you want to continue doing it.

“We’re all in the same boat”

When you arrive at your first class, look around you. Remember that most of the other dancers have felt like a major fool in a dance class at one time or another, and asked to do something outside of their comfort zone. Knowing you’re not alone will give you the confidence to let loose and shake what your mama gave ya!

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Bring a friend

You always loosen up when you’re with your friends. Think about how much fun it will be to bust out your best dance moves next to them too.

“It’s always better to laugh about it with a friend,” says Hepi. You will feel more at ease learning new dance combos and won’t worry about embarrassing yourself.

“The teacher is on your side”

Remember the dance instructor wants you to relax, have fun and do well in the dance class. “All of my classes are a shame-free dance zone,” says Hepi. “It allows you to let go of any psychological ideas you have about your body. In some of my classes I use mirrors. In a lot of them I don’t. I use the mind to push past how you think you are,” she says.

Watch a dance clip

Jump on Youtube and search for a dance clip that will get you pumped for your first class.

“People like to see and have a vision of what they are doing before they do it,” says Hepi. “It makes them feel more comfortable and that is the end result. I know people that walk into class and go ‘I’ve watched the Beyonce film clip, I’m going to walk out and I’m going to be Beyonce,’” she says.

If all else fails, just close your eyes and pretend you’re on the dance floor at a club. That usually solves all problems!

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