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Funniest fitness fads of 2015

To say I immersed myself in the fitness industry in 2015 would be an understatement. Having come from the more holistic side of health and wellness, this year I co-founded Bodypass, which meant doing (quite literally, we kept count), 1053 different fitness classes in 12 months.

Now, I’ve been exposed to some pretty wack alternative practices over the years, from tantra to kundalini yoga and all forms of meditation, but the world of fitness fads was definitely a new and very interesting experience for me.

We laughed our way from class to class and tried some very interesting ways to get our bodies moving, enjoying every second of it. The list below is a mix of fads with trends that are here to stay – because boy, did we find some pearlers!

1. Prancercise

One night when trawling Youtube for workout inspiration we came across Prancercise. Joanne Rohrback’s Prancercise video has more than 10 million views on Youtube. Prancercise is defined as: A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation. Actually, it’s about strapping on ankle weights, turning up the music and prancing around like a horse. No really, it is, watch the video.

2. Cats on Mats

Yep, a yoga class with kittens in the room. Bizarrely enough, there seems to be a real demand for this. Cats roam freely while you attempt to downward dog only to find the little critters climbing on you for fun. Cuteness factor? 10. Workout factor? We’re not so sure.

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3. Hybrid sports

Kayak-netball (playing netball whilst on a kayak), SUP-football (trying to bash a football with your paddle while stand up paddleboarding), SUP-yoga (doing yoga on your paddleboard and trying not to fall into the water), and other such genius hybrids were big this year. I’m not sure how long this will last, but you can be sure of one thing: the culling process will be swift.

4. Zombie runs

Dressing up as zombies and freaking out all the humans by running during the day. Not even at night. Scary.

5. Retrosweat

Now this is a fun one, and we recruited them for Bodypass. Because we should all be allowed to do aerobics like we’re Jane Fonda from the 80’s while jumping up and down to Michael Jackson and Prince.

6. Trampolining fitness

Trampoline parks are opening up all over Sydney. Where you can see nothing but trampolines in sight and you can bounce to your heart’s content. They also run fitness classes which are fun, but do be warned: if you hurt yourself, you will really hurt yourself.

7. Rollerskating

Remember rollerskating? The joy of four wheels over two? Yes, it’s back and it’s beautiful. Rollerskating for fitness is a very freeing exercise and even it you weren’t an expert as a teenager, you can still give it a go.


Huge in France, a WAFF is basically a giant whoopee cushion, and all the pilates/ yoga/ strength/ cardio exercises are done on the WAFF. It’s great for core stability and gentle on your joints. It really is an awesome creation – we thought it was good enough for Bodypass.

  • Try WAFF for free on Bodypass

9. See-through yoga pants

By see-through I mean mesh paneling. It has been huge this year. If your work out pants, top or sports bra didn’t have some kind of mesh involved, you were so off trend.

10. Fitness trackers

2015 could be renamed as the year of the fitness tracker. If you worked out and didn’t track it, it was like you didn’t work out at all!

11. Yoga mark II

How can you make an age-old tradition that has been practiced for centuries more cool? Paddle board yoga, acro yoga, aerial yoga, partner yoga, hip hop yoga, yoga groove, candle lit yoga, vin yoga (that’s not a typo for yin yoga. That is “vin” the French word for wine), humming yoga, laughing yoga and so many more.


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