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How to find your fitness motivation

Motivation. Some days you’ll have it, then others – it’s nowhere to be found. When it comes to sticking to your exercise plan, pleasure and reward should be front and centre.

Science tells us that we are more likely to maintain a behaviour if we derive pleasure from it or if we obtain a reward for our efforts. With that in mind, here are some tricks to help keep you motivated.

  • Remind yourself how good you feel after your workout – rekindle that positive feeling if you’re finding it hard to jump out of bed or put on your runners for a jog.  If you can get started the hard part is over. Once you’re moving, the endorphins kick in and you’ll instantly start to feel better.
  • Read about other people’s success stories – social media can be great for this but don’t get caught up on too many of the buff model body images. Instead, focus on the learnings of others. You may identify with some of the anecdotes, or pick up some tips to assist you with your own fitness goals.
  • Set yourself achievable, short-term goals – make sure your goals are realistic. It could be a specific weight loss or weight gain goal or maybe knocking some time off a 1km, 2km or 5km run. Give your goals a quick turnaround time (1-2 weeks) to ensure you’re able to tick them off as you strive towards a long-term one.
  • Reward yourself with a treat – is it a sweet treat or an extra drink on the weekend? Or a new bike or piece of equipment that you’ve had your eye on? Reward yourself when you reach your goals.
  • Think about how stress relieving exercise is – deep breaths, focusing your energy; exercise is the greatest stress buster. Next time you find yourself turning to food or drink for comfort, try getting your joggers on and hitting the pavement instead.
  • Workout with a mate – keep it upbeat with a training partner, not to mention raising the friendly competition.
  • Remind yourself why you began in the first place – was it for the health benefits that come with regular exercise?  For your family? So you can keep up with the kids when they ask you to play? Was it so you’d have more energy or simply to feel better about yourself?
  • If all else fails, don’t give yourself a chance to change your mind – make sure you have your exercise gear sitting at the foot of your bed, so when your alarm goes off you don’t have to think, you just have to get dressed and get out the door!
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