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Can mixing your workout up get better results?

It’s not uncommon to find your exercise motivation and passion can dwindle from time to time, even if you’ve found a workout that you enjoy. As you and your body grow accustomed to an exercise routine or workout, not only does the repetition start to become dull and predictable, but you’re no longer challenging your body. It might be time to try something new. To renew your love of movement and shock your body into getting fitter, try these interesting workouts.

Like boxing? Try Boxilates!

If you enjoy a boxing-style workout, why not try mixing it up with a fusion class, such as Boxilates? Jenna Kruiskamp, who teaches Boxilates at Paper Tiger Health and Wellness says the class can offer a new dimension no matter what style of boxing you’ve previously been doing.

“For someone who’s into technical boxing (involving sparring and pad work), then Boxilates is a great addition to their weekly training. You’ll receive the added core strength and mobility benefits from Pilates,” says Kruiskamp. “If someone is already into fitness boxing, then Boxilates is fantastic for providing the same cardio blast while also introducing them to the more technical aspects of boxing.”

While boxing and Pilates might seem like odd bedfellows, Jenna explains that they share commonalities that complement each other perfectly.

“Boxing requires a strong and functional core, mobility and great balance. All assets that Pilates focuses on and is famous for improving.”

Jenna explains that people doing a Boxilates class can expect ‘an ‘interval-style’ workout. The boxing rounds split up with dynamic Pilates exercises will get your heart pumping. Pilates and boxing both focus on breath work, concentration, control and coordination. In short, a Boxilates class provides an anaerobic workout with mind-body connection. Boxilates is also a great stress and tension reliever and is especially beneficial for people with upper thoracic or mobility issues.

“It’s the perfect antidote to sitting at a desk all day,” says Kruiskamp.

Like strength training? Try pole dancing!

If you enjoy the benefits and discipline that comes with weight training, you’ll find a pole dancing class offers an amazing strength challenge.

“Pole dancing is based on body weight training,” explains Dallas from Showpony Pole and Burlesque. “So rather than lifting 5kgs or 10kgs, we work up to lifting our entire body weight and manipulating our bodies into amazing shapes. Pole also helps with developing functional movement, so rather than bulking or focusing on one area, we work out all of our muscle groups.”

Dallas adds that aside from an intense strength workout, pole dancing helps to develop “flexibility, coordination and your stamina and cardio ability. Doing a trick is hard work, but creating fluid aerial and floor-based combinations with beautiful extensions is a workout to say the least.”

While many people might be intimidated by the thought of pole dancing, Dallas insists that any and everybody should give it a try.

“You don’t need to have any skills, strength or dance ability. You just need to swallow your fears and preconceptions of what you think a pole class will be and go,” says Dallas.

“Pole studios are the most welcoming, fun social places. They’re full of like-minded women and men trying to achieve their fitness and personal goals. Go and check one out.”

Dallas is quick to point out that, like any workout, pole dancing is for personal enjoyment and it’s a challenge. It’s not just for the benefit of others.

“Most pole dancers I know, dance because they absolutely adore it. They are addicted to the rush of new tricks, new combos and creating art. Just like I accept people who like to jog in the mornings to get their day started, I would like people to accept and respect what we do to make ourselves happy and healthy.”

Like yoga? Try aerial yoga!

If you love yoga, switching to an aerial yoga class will give you all of the benefits of yoga, plus the addition of flight.

Shari Vietch, director of aerial yoga studio Sky-Lab, explains that practising yoga in a hammock suspended from the ceiling leads to an enhanced experience.

“The antigravity hammock acts as a soft trapeze and support while you master simple inversions through to more advanced poses,” says Vietch. Adding that classes incorporate components from “yoga, dance, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial arts.”

Shari explains that the unique fusion of techniques is revolutionary in helping relieve your joints that have been compressed by gravity, and helps align the body from head to toe. It is a great option for people with physical limitations. Aerial yoga is suitable for everyone, from the everyday athlete to the more experienced yogis, with its ability to provide a deeper opening of the spine and connective tissues.

“Antigravity’s zero compression inversions allow circulatory and lymphatic systems to refresh, while stimulating the release of neurotransmitters in the brain,” says Vietch. “Decompression of the spine occurs through gentle traction and hydration of vertebral discs.”

When it comes to taking your workout to the next level, you don’t get much more literal than this.

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