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Nicole Kidman at last year's Grammy Awards. Getty Images.

Luke Istomin’s Free Training program Every episode right here

Episode 1 How to get a body like Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman

Episode 2 The ultimate core workout: Hollywood’s training program

Episode 3 Exactly what to eat for a celebrity body

Episode 4 The best allover workout you’ll ever do

Episode 5 Nicole Kidman’s fatburning workout

Episode 6 Super Saturday workout

Episode 7 Cranky knees/back/hips? How to make your joints happy

Luke Istomin

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Luke Istomin

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Luke Istomin is the co-founder of F45 Training and Australia's most in-demand celebrity trainer. His new project is and is the result of Luke's passion and dedication of informing the globe the benefits of implementing some effective training and nutrition principles to help achieve higher levels of performance in all areas of your life.

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