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Renae Wauhop

Meet the woman responsible for The Bachelor’s abs

For one hour, every Monday night, you can find me down in the local park sweating heavily while heaving around medicine balls under the watchful eye of Simon, my personal trainer.

It’s hard, it’s exhausting and I may have even thrown up a little once or twice. But the benefits of our weekly catch-ups – both physical and mental – have so far outweighed any cons I could pretend to come up with.

Sure – paying someone to yell at you or force you into doing burpees for an hour isn’t everyone’s cup of chai, but personal trainers can help you push past mental and physical barriers in a way that your standard gym buddy can’t.

“You have someone who knows exactly what they’re doing to make you accountable, motivate you, and educate you along the way,” says personal trainer Renae Wauhop.

“They can also make your sessions fun, and mix things up, so you don’t get bored, as well as making the sessions personalised to you and your goals.”

Based in Perth and a graduate of the  Australian Institute of Fitness, Wauhop is the woman responsible for the impressive rig sported by current Bachelor Richie Strahan.

You thought those abs came from weekend games of AFL and whatever it is he does for a living? Ladies (and some men) can thank Wauhop for those.

According to Wauhop, personal trainers aren’t just there for moral support or to show you how to use the more esoteric looking equipment – although both of these features come with the package.

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A good PT is someone who understands the individual needs of your body – sometimes even better than yourself – to help you get the best results possible from your gym sessions.

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“Everybody and every goal needs a different workout plan,” explains Wauhop.

“I would say if it’s weight loss – mix it up with two sessions a week and throw in some group classes on every other day. Having an outline of your weeks ahead and scheduled training sessions in detail helps you get your head around where you need to be at any given time, and how committed you will need to be in order to achieve that goal.”

But one of the main reasons that people invest in personal trainers – including people who have gone to the gym for years and know their barbells from the kettlebells – is to stave off the dreaded plateau.

It’s a common experience – you changed your diet, increased your strength and reps but your body refuses to budge. But your PT knows how to chop and change your routine (and diet) to keep you on track with your goals.

“I believe that everybody needs a personal trainer – even personal trainers themselves!” says Wauhop.

“It’s always great to find a PT that specialises in the goal you want to obtain, whether this is weight loss, hypertrophy, sports specific or running for an event.”

So what should you look for when picking out the best PT for you?

“You should look for someone who is educated, with a nationally recognised qualification, such as the standard Certificate IV in Fitness,” suggests Wauhop.

“Someone who has gone through a reputable provider like the Australian Institute of Fitness. They should also be registered with Fitness Australia, the national health and fitness industry association for fitness professionals.”

Considering that these people are probably going to see you at your lowest and worst (seriously, by the 50th burpee you’ll be screaming for blood) it’s also wise to make sure that you choose a PT that you click with on a personal level.

According to Wauhop, this can take a little shopping around.

“Personal Training is exactly that: personal!,” she tells The Juice Daily.

“Trainers need to build relationships with their clients based on trust. Everybody is different and so are Personal Trainers. There is no problem with shopping around to find your perfect fit or someone you feel you can trust to help your on your journey.”

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