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The Base Body Babes feature on the Zova app

The new ways to work out It's 2016, get with it

So long 80s aerobic classes, fitness 2.0 is here.

And that ‘I can’t afford a gym’ or ‘I have no time’ spiel is no longer going to cut it.
This 2016, workouts are at our fingertips, literally – with smartphone workouts, online classes, on-the-go hotel workouts and wearables all fighting for a piece of our precious fitness time.

Luke Istomin, celebrity PT and founder of F45 Training says the instant accessibility means training is now so much easier. “Whether you’re a corporate, stay at home mum or working from home, there really is no excuse now in this day and age not to be working out.”

Istomin, who built the F45 Training empire (that has over 100 studios), says while his bread and butter business has always been face-to-face group training, he now sees a massive future for fitness apps and wearables, or as he calls it, ‘online training 2.0.’

“It’s definitely taken off in the last two to three years – particularly with the younger generation. They’re becoming more aware of what to do and I’m definitely seeing more on the gym floor checking their phones to keep accountable.”

The apps

Nike + Training Club

What you get when you round up the best of Nike’s global trainers, synchronise their talent, training techniques and knowledge into an app and then share it with the worldwide Nike fit community.

How it works: Aside from the 100 + workouts across HIIT, Yoga or Pilates designed exclusively by Nike’s master trainers, it offers ‘workout of the week’ challenges and provides tips and feedback from the master trainers.

Coolest feature: The app is seriously social – it allows users to share their workout achievements and journeys with others as well as share live time post-sweat photos with each other.


For a fitness all rounder, Zova is your new training BFF. The workouts are customised according to the time of day, weather and location and are instructed by some of Sydney top trainers including insta-famous Base Body Babes and Women’s Health Next Fitness Star Cassey Miller.

How it works: Choose from a cardio, HIIT, strength, tabata, circuit and yoga workout then practise live to music or download to your phone for when you go off the WIFI grid. Workouts range from 3-30 minutes and it’s free to download.

Coolest feature: The app paces you by using visual and vocal cues along with customised music and rhythm to help guide you through an effective workout.




Sweat with Kayla

She’s the PT star with over a 4 million Instagram followers, now Kayla Itsines has launched her own training app to compliment her already hugely popular e-guides.

How it works: Each login choose from resistance, liss (low intensity steady state), rest or rehabilitation workout – all of which go for 28 minutes, then track your progress with photos and scroll through healthy meal ideas to fuel up on.

Coolest feature: Famous for her before and after transformation photos, Itsines now lets you see a side-by-side photo of your before and after progress in the pic frame. Genius!

Keep your eyes peeled for… Luke Istomin’s new app.

Described as a world first, the app will offer a “training program that adapts to you based on biofeedback from your wearable device and provide ongoing support from personal trainers along the way,” says Istomin.

“We’re calling it ‘your personal trainer in your pocket’ and I believe it’s going to change the way people think about training apps.” Stay tuned.

The wellness hotels

Hotels are now cashing in on the wellness industry – to our benefit. No longer do business trips have to be all work, no play. Hotels are now out to give us a holistic experience. And we’re not just talking a standard gym and spa – more like ‘we’ve got you covered’ wellness 101.

The Westin Sydney now offers a full wellness pillar designed to compliment your [insert business/leisure] vacay.

What they offer:

Running routes – For those up for a jog, Westin offers custom running maps of 6-8km trails close by to the hotel so you can soak up the Sydney scenery but not get lost either.
Gym gear – Forgot your active wear or just didn’t want to pack bulky sneakers? Westin, in collaboration with New Balance, will lend gear for just $5. Clothes and shoes are delivered straight to your room and then whisked away and washed after. Sweating never looked so easy.

Travel friendly yoga – Desperate to stretch out after a long flight or day at the desk? Charlotte Dodson, Australian celebrity yoga instructor to Miranda Kerr, teamed up with Westin to offer a customised yoga sequence that can be played on your smart device in the comfort of your hotel room. Namaste!

The wearables

The Apple Watch

Like anything designed by Apple, it never disappoints. But the new the Apple Watch is next level when it comes to fit technology. Think of it like a wearable – that literally knows everything about you. It records your movement, goals, progress and daily activity summary.

How it works: It displays three main rings on the screen. The first is a ‘stand’ ring which shows how often you’ve stood up, the second is the ‘move’ ring which tracks calories burned and the third is the ‘exercise’ ring which records minutes of activity performed.

Coolest feature: Select fitness apps have now been adapted to work on the watch face so users can view workout poses from their wrist instead of holding up a heavy phone. Compatible apps include – Zova, Strava Cycling, Pocket Yoga and Runtastic Six Pack.

The Fitbit Charge HR

This savvy tracker is the ultimate two for one – it’s a heart rate monitor and activity tracker. Fitness wise, it tracks your progress – including visual charts of your workout, heart rate, calories burned and steps per day, and health wise it charts sleep patterns and logs food consumption each day too.

Coolest feature: It keeps you in the know with call notifications and a built in vibrating alarm to ease you out of bed each day.

The all-studio passes

Instead of being tied down to one gym, a pass like Bodypass gives you access to hundreds of fitness studios across the country. You can use your Bodypass while travelling interstate, and it gets you into premium, boutique fitness studios, rather than a gym chain with standard classes on offer. Try specialised HIIT, pilates, yoga, boxing, martial arts and outdoor activities like cycle hire, surfing lessons, paddleboarding and more.

How it works: You pay on a monthly basis, which means no contracts. Look up the classes on offer and book online, in advance, scheduling fitness in as though it’s as important as a business meeting. Which of course, it is!


Bodypass Day1_CFG_053

The online programs

The ballet workout: Ballet Beautiful

Aussie beauties Lara Bingle and Phoebe Tonkin swear by it – and if their bod’s are anything to go by, we reckon it’s worthy of a plie or two.

Founded by professional ballerina and celebrity PT Mary Helen Bowers, Ballet Beautiful offers an athletic ballet workout that aims to give you a svelte, ballerina body.

How it works: Think a barre studio – except you log in online from home (meaning in this case, pjs over leotards is totally acceptable). Classes are run by a timetable so it’s just a matter of accessing the portal at the right time and voila, away you go!

Note – While the original studio is based in New York, users still can have access to private live workouts with a trainer, pay for pre-recorded workout videos or subscribe to two customised workouts sent via email each month.


ballet beautiful


The strength and nutrition program: LIFE Fundamentals

The current brainchild of Istomin, LIFE Fundamentals is a holistic 8-week program that he describes as ‘back to basics.’ Launched last year, it provides a step-by-step template for weight loss, general health and goal setting.

How it works: You’ll get to choose your workout location – home, outdoors or gym based then receive a tailored exercise program along with healthy recipes, access to online forums and webinars and tips on achieving a healthier mindset. Sign up before the end of Jan and receive free access.

The at home yoga class: My Yoga Works

Want to get bendy minus the ‘om’ chants of 20 + yogis around you? This online program is your new go-to. With 5-90 minute yoga sequences to choose from as well as beginner to advanced choices, My Yoga Works is an ideal online video program for all yogi levels who wish to work out in the comfort of their lounge room.

How it works: Sign up for a free 14 day trial or jump straight in with either a six month membership of $80, a monthly membership of $15 or a $150 yearly membership.


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