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Nicole Kidman at the special screening of the film Paddington for children and families from the Sydney Childrens Hospital at Hoyts cinema theatre in the Hoyts Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park, Sydney. The film opens December 11th. 8th December, 2014. Photo: Kate Geraghty

Nicole Kidman’s fatburning workout Free Celebrity Training and Nutrition program!

Luke Istomin personally trained Hugh Jackman for his Wolverine role, and has also trained Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie, Nicole Trunfio, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Liev Schrieber, Tobey Maguire and Ryan Reynolds. This week we share with you his Hollywood program. If you missed the last four days, go back and check them. And for the next two days stay tuned for the rest of the FREE program. Even easier: pop in your email address and we will email the articles directly to your inbox.

Nothing melts fat faster than doing some sprints. Be it in a park, in the gym on some equipment, or using your own bodyweight. The best way to do this is on a incline hill. This takes pressure off your joints and minimises stress on the body. So recovery times will be faster.

Nicole Kidman loved sprinting and outdoor running so this routine formed a big part of her workout. We would do a high intensity session where we’d go for a bit of a run, and then find a big hill where we would do around eight hill sprints of 35 – 40 seconds each, followed by a one minute recovery. It would work all energy systems and is a great way to lose fat quickly. Elevating your heart rate over an interval period, raises your EPOC (exercise post-oxygen consumption, unofficially known as “afterburn”), and that helps you burn more calories for longer, post exercise. Nicole loved doing sprints in Centennial Park and Darling Point.


Start with a slow, 10 minute run to warm up. Find a hill or a nearby park or oval to run a short distance on.


Map out your course, then jog at the beginning, accelerating to an all-out sprint for 45 seconds. Always be moving at a leisurely pace before sprinting to help minimise any injuries. I’ve seen lots of injuries with people starting from a stationery start as though they’re standing on the blocks at the Olympics. Regular people need to ease into their sprint, not like elite athletes.


45 seconds sprint + 90 seconds recovery. Do eight rounds and see how you feel.

This short but brutal workout will have you torching fat for hours post workout.

Bottoms up

Add a bum workout to sprints for serious burn, to lift your buttocks and give great all over shape.

The hip bridge

Lie on back, arms stretched out by your body, heels on the mat. Engage your core, squeeze buttocks and lift hips and bottom into the air. Move up and down, squeezing buttocks every time you lift. Do 21 reps.

The one-legged lift

In the same bridge position, lift one leg high into the air. Lift hips and bum off the ground, squeezing core and buttocks. Do 19 on each leg.

The squat pulse

Stand with legs slightly wider than hip distance. Squat down to a seated chair position, pulse once, coming halfway up, then go down to chair position again, and stand from there. Repeat 17 times.


The lateral lunge

Stand with legs togethen, then lean out with one leg, planting foot wide on the ground. Bend into a side lunge, push off heel to lift knee to your centre, then bend out again. Do 17 on each leg.

Keep going in a descending pyramid (21 reps, 19 reps, 17 reps, 15 reps, 13 reps, 11 reps etc) until you can do no more.

Have an active recovery day. I strongly encourage all my clients to buy a fitness tracker. 10,000 steps is what you should be aiming for on a recovery day. Just because you’re not at the gym or working out, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be moving. Something as simple as walking round the neighbourhood to the shops or walking the dog will have far better health benefits than being inactive.

For the next instalment of Luke Istomin’s free fitness and nutrition program, check back into the Juice Daily tomorrow.

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