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How Anna Heinrich (the Bachelor’s girlfriend) keeps fit

She won Tim Robard’s heart on the first Australian series of The Bachelor, and now it seems that having an extremely active boyfriend has its perks.

Anna Heinrich was announced the Nike Training Ambassador for 2016. With only a week to go until the NTC Tour (an epic five hour fitness challenge), Anna shares her health and fitness secrets.

My favourite way to work out is the NTC app’s Extreme Full Body workout. But I usually do a variety of exercises, including running, dancing, boxing, and more.

I work out four times a week for one hour.

My best flat stomach trick is full extensions. You lie down on your back with your arms extended above your head. Then you bring your arms and knees towards each other and repeat.

My favourite move has to be burpees! I know, can you believe it? I love doing something that I know will challenge me.

The best bum move is shaking it on the dance floor. It really is a great workout.

The worst move of all time is burpees. Even though I love it, I also really hate it.

My breakfast is usually a healthy one – boiled eggs, avocado and tomato.

My lunch looks like a goodie bag with lots of delicious things, including chicken, avocado, beetroot, kale, tofu, peas and much more.

Dinner is most often a piece of meat with veggies and a salad (unless I’m at my mum’s place for dinner. Then all bets are off!)

My secret smoothie recipe is acai, vanilla protein powder, ice and half a banana. It’s a great smoothie to have before and after a workout.

I like to work out in Nike Zoned Sculpt Tights because they provide great coverage and make me feel ‘locked in’.

I never wear my hair down when I work out.

Getting me out of bed is easy when you have something or someone to get you motivated. If you workout with friends, you’ll look forward to it.

I listen to GIRL POWER music when I’m working out.

My favourite recipe is anything that my mum cooks. #judesfood!

When we cook at home, we usually cook together.

When we go out to dinner, it’s most often when we have nothing in the house and I order the most expensive meal on the menu (ha!).

My biggest food splurge is ricotta cheesecake with nutella.

My biggest indulgence is also ricotta cheesecake with nutella.

I can’t live without loving, motivated and supportive people in my life. #ntcsquadgoals

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