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Rescue your Fitness

Personal trainer, Jason Siebert, visits his local rescue shelter up to two times a week. While most people would normally walk away from a shelter feeling helpless and disheartened, Jason swears he always leaves in high spirits.

“I like to run the bigger dogs that have been cooped up in the shelter. It makes me happy giving the dogs some much needed love, attention and freedom,” says Siebert.

With the support of Gosford Dog Paws (a no-kill shelter based on the Central Coast), Siebert launched Rescue Your Fitness, a goodwill organisation that is dedicated to improving the lives of impounded rescue dogs. The organisation pairs motivated individuals with their local shelter, so they can take a rescue dog out for a walk or run the next time they head outdoors.

Dogs need to exercise as much as humans or they risk becoming obese and getting diabetes or heart disease.

“You can see the difference in the dog’s behaviour post-run compared to the moment they are first released from their enclosure,” says Siebert. “They’re happy, appreciative and calm.”

Walking a rescue dog gives the dog an opportunity to burn off excess energy and helps relieve some of the stress of being locked up in an enclosure all the time.

Local trainers and fitness enthusiasts can’t get enough of the idea, as the walk provides both physical and mental health benefits.

“Let’s call it a mutual rescue. You get a feeling of contentment knowing that you have helped a being that can’t help themselves, which is mixed with the post-training hormone buzz,” says Siebert.

The community have been sharing the fulfilling experience on social media in an effort to find a forever home for the rescue dogs. Instagram star and endurance athlete, Andrew Pap, has been a regular fixture at the shelter for the past few weeks, and so far, three of his dogs have been rehomed.

Rescue Your Fitness have just launched their website and they will continue to add new shelters who are supporting the program, so keep an eye on it and drop into a shelter near you.

Jessica Pyers

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