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Sam Wood’s killer three minute core workout Why you've been working your abs all wrong.

How to train your core for maximum results? You need to understand the four functions of it.

It’s simple but many people just work movement one, crunches. This neglects 75% of the movements required for optimal results.

Here’s what you need to cover in an ab workout:
1) crunches or sit-ups
2) leg lowers (keeping your torso stable)
3) twist or rotate
4) stabilise or bridge

Try one exercise working each movement for 45 secs each with no rest in between for an absolute killer three minute core workout.

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You might recognise Sam Wood from The Bachelor 2015, he's found love and returned to being an excellent health and fitness trainer. Sam is one of Australia’s leading fitness professionals and is a passionate owner of the Gecko Kids franchise and new fitness facility, The Woodshed. Sam specialises in educating, motivating and supporting clients to achieve amazing results and positive lifestyle choices.

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