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Surprising ways to sneak fitness into every day

Stuck in a bit of a fitness rut? Want to do something but keep finding excuses to avoid any actual activity? Has another month rolled by and you haven’t started your regime yet? We’ve all been there.

Because you don’t have time.
Because sometimes you don’t feel like exercising your guts out.
Because you slept in.
Because you are out of routine and it’s hard to get back in.
Because you work and might have kids and are really busy.
Because you are hungover.

I believe it’s all about making exercise part of your “everyday” rather than seeing it as a chore. By making it more of a habit rather than something you drag your feet through, you’ll be more motivated for one to actually DO it and keep it up! Here are a few ideas of how you can sneak some exercise into your daily life without too much hassle or time wasted.

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A km-per-day

Complete at least 1 km per day with some kind of aerobic exercise. This could be walking, running, cycling, swimming, skating, kayaking… the list is endless especially with Sydney weather being pretty darn good year round. Get out in the great outdoors and get a km a day.
Walk, run or bike to work

See how many kilometres you can rack up by simply ditching the car or bus and doing physical exercise to get to work.

Do the “noon walk”

Walk a block during lunch with co workers and count the steps it takes. Make it a friendly competition and have a tally for the most amount of “noon steps” walked during the week.

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Make use of TV ad time

Instead of flicking through 50 other channels during TV ads, drop and give me 20! When an ad comes on, smash out a quick 20 reps of sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists or leg lowers to work your abs while you sit on your butt.

Compete in a community event such as a walk or a race

Fun runs, obstacle races, charity sport events, dance classes are all on and waiting for you to participate. There are so many out there to choose from all you’ve got to do is pick one, commit and get training. Better yet, get a friend signed up too and hold each other accountable to get to the start and finish line in the best shape possible!

Ditch the elevator and use the stairs

Count the stairs climbed every day and see how many steps you total in a week. Aim to hit 1000 over a 7 day period and give your legs and butt an easy makeover.


Even if you don’t have the energy to commit to a full on workout, 5-10 minutes of stretching can help relieve stress, boost metabolism and leave you feeling more energised.

Get involved with a team or group fitness studio

By being part of a team, you are way more likely to actually feel obligated to make it the training session so you don’t let your team mates down. It is also a great way to make friends that will further help motivate you to keep up a healthy and active lifestyle.

Make these little adjustments to your everyday life and you’ll be surprised how easy and fun being active can be!

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Veronica (better known as Vee) is the founder and head trainer of V8 Group Training. Her background in fitness stems from an early age training and competing as a professional athlete for distance running, of which she excelled to be in top ranking in the world for various distances. Vee’s passion for fitness and healthy living although heavily influenced from her athletic pursuits and commitments has been broadened and she now enjoys working with the everyday person in achieving their fitness, weightless, and healthy living goals.

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