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Swearing in yoga class is a thing now Because, rage yoga.

Swear and shout your way to less stress? I can see the reasoning, but I’m not sure that saying “f#@! You” every time you downward dog is the way to deal with life bounces. But Lindsey Istace does. She currently holds “rage yoga” classes in Canada, because she found that swearing profusely while doing vinyasas was a therapeutic way of coping with the grief of a painful breakup.

“I’ve never been able to will away negative feelings. Rage yoga is a great way to harness and use them in a constructive way that makes you a stronger and happier person,” Istace told People magazine in the US.

The catchcry on their website is: “[reyj yoh-guh] noun: a practice involving stretching, positional exercises and bad humor, with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f*ck” while their Facebook page says:  “rage yoga is like regular yoga … only with more swearing and shenanigans.”

Because, well, why not? They also drink beer, either before or after class. It’s your choice, but it’s on the table. Hardly the stuff of the regular angelic, zen yogi.

“My [yoga] practice is what got me through it [the breakup],” Istace said, “But I was hurt, confused and angry. This started to come out in my home practice. There was a lot of swearing and shouting in poses, and I found that it felt great to let it out on the mat!”

Istace decided to throw a one-off rage yoga workshop and lo and behold, it was a hit. Screaming profanity and making rude gestures is considered offensive in most social settings, but Istace gave people a safe space to get their rage on and overcome their frustration and anger.

“I had a lot of fun teaching it and people really liked it, so I decided I wanted to teach it regularly.”

The class finishes with everyone turning to each other and saying in unison, ‘F*ck yea’.

Currently, rage yoga is only held twice a week at a local pub in Calgary, Alberta in Canada.

Yoga is a personal practice, so this form may not be for everyone, but Istace hopes that it will work for people who feel uncomfortable in traditional yoga classes and want to deviate from the norm.

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