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The 6 hardest workouts in Sydney, full stop.

If you know me, you know I love a good hard-core workout session (sweaty/heart racing/mental battlefield-type workouts rule my world), so my top six will generally put you in that mood. Having done anything between 5-10 fitness session a week across Sydney for the last year, I know what I’m talking about when it comes to training. Don’t freak out – the trainers at all the studios are open to all levels and will work with you to make sure the sessions suits your level. You’ll be back for more.

Fitness options in Sydney are getting better and better with the boutique fitness industry only just getting started. After living in Manhattan for five years, where the fitness industry is buzzing and every week a new studio is opening, offering something never seen before, it’s encouraging to see that Sydney isn’t far behind.

I spoke to the owners and head trainers at each of the studios to help you understand what you’re in for and get your ready and excited for your next session. Here they are, in no particular order. Melbourne, you’re next.

Peak Altitude Training – Sydney CBD

Scott Reynolds – Owner, Head Trainer, Peak Altitude and Performance Centre, Sydney




What is PEAK Altitude Training?

Peak Altitude Training specialises in high altitude (Low Oxygen) training. The special room can fit up to 8 people at a time and simulates an altitude of 3500 to 4500m.

What does a typical class look like?

A typical session in the altitude room goes for 30 minutes. Exercises will range from air resistance machines, treadmills, bikes and functional training equipment.

Why does it work?

Basically, the body recognises it has less oxygen, therefore the heart rate, metabolic rate, sweat rate and lactate system all increase as oxygen rich blood needs to be pumped around the body faster. This leaves a huge after-effect with post training and excess burn. Training enough in altitude will also lead to the body acclimatising and becoming a weapon back at sea level.

What are some results I can expect to see?

A decrease in body fat percentage, more energy, better quality of sleep, increase in muscle tone, increase in fitness and exercise efficiency.

Megaformer – Physicore

Catherine Rose, Owner, Head Trainer, Physicore (Mosman, Paddington & Surry Hills)




What is Megaformer?

50 minutes of intense, full body shake, sweat and burn on a machine called … you guessed it … a Megaformer! The Megaformer is a significant redesign of the Pilates reformer. It’s a sleek, sexy, even slightly intimidating piece of kit that wouldn’t look out of place in Batman’s home gym.

What does a typical class look like?

It combines cardio, muscular strength and endurance, core conditioning, balance and flexibility – all without having to wear running shoes or a sports bra. Expect to plank, lunge, squat, push, pull, rotate, all of which sounds simple, however on the Megaformer these functional moves are killer. Controlling the sliding carriage demands recruitment of those hard-to-find stabiliser muscles, there is virtually no rest between exercises and, most importantly, no cheating!

Why does it work?

Each movement on the Megaformer is designed for maximum muscle recruitment. We focus on slow twitch muscle fibres to create long, lean physiques, without bulk. Utilising progressive spring resistance, muscles remain under constant tension for the duration of each exercise, stimulating the muscle fibres to fatigue.

What are some results I can expect to see?

As a Megaformer workout is intense, it’s not designed to be done every day. At Physicore, we see incredible results in just a few weeks from clients who complete three Megaformer sessions per week – no additional training or cardio needed, just sensible nutrition and sufficient rest. Expect to lose fat, build lean muscle without bulk in all the right places: we specialise in toned arms and thighs, taut abdominals, sculpted obliques and perky posteriors.

Ocean Swimming

Joanna Kwriazakos – Owner, Head Instructor, Mermaid Swim Academy, Bondi Beach

What is Ocean Swimming?

Ocean swimming is a fitness session that entails swimming in the ocean but more particularly, swimming through the surf zone of a beach!

What does a typical class look like?

A bunch of guys and gals, in their togs or wetsuits running into the surf with grace and speed, diving over or under ways, getting through the surf break with a strong freestyle stroke. They all turn and swim back to shore with an aim of catching a ride whilst bodysurfing a wave all the way back to shore! You can expect a bit of yahooing and lots of cheers from the rest of the squad.

Why does it work?

Moving water offers a great resistance and challenge to the general freestyle swimmer. The surf zone is an ever changing environment so not only does it make swimmers stronger, it keeps a swimmer stimulated whilst they look, feel and anticipate the changes in water movement.

What are some results I can expect to see?

Definitely increased stamina and endurance, a whole body workout, getting fitter than you’ve ever been, feeling exhilarated, and also helps with getting rid of any funk in your brain as you’ll always have fun being out in nature, sunshine, saltwater with a great bunch of fellow swimmers.

Orangetheory Fitness Class

Ben Fisher, Head Trainer, Orangetheory Fitness, Bondi Junction




What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Orangetheory Fitness is Australia’s first heart-rate monitored group personal training studio. The training concept originated from Florida in 2010, and now there are nearly 400 open studios in 7 countries around the globe.

What does a typical class look like?

There’s nothing typical about it! Each workout is broken down into interval blocks, between the treadmills, rowers and weight room. No two workouts are the same, which gives great variety and keeps everyone guessing.

Why does it work?

It’s a specifically designed science-based workout. We use a state of the art monitoring system called the OTbeat which delivers live data on each member throughout the session to help them achieve their goal. The goal is to raise the member’s heart rate above 84% for a period of 12-20 minutes to trigger E.P.O.C (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). We call this getting in the Orange Zone. If this is achieved, members can burn at a higher caloric rate for up to 36 hours post workout. It also enables members to monitor themselves throughout the session, giving them a greater understanding of how their bodies react during training.

What are some results I can expect to see?

A leaner you. By training with us three times per week, you will burn at an elevated metabolic rate for up to 6 out of the 7 days. Our current members are seeing visible changes in their appearance in just 3 weeks. After each session, you receive a detailed performance summary analyzing your body’s response to the training throughout the session. These data summaries make it easy for members to track their progress and reach their fitness goals.

Boxing at Corporate Fitness Centre

Josh King, Owner, CFC, Surry Hills




What is  a boxing class at CFC?

A great way to get fit and learn how to box without getting hit. You will get the opportunity to be coached by our team of world class boxing trainers in a friendly, safe and fun environment.

What does a typical class look like?

Boxing Cardio class is all about getting the heart rate up – you can expect sprint intervals, bag work using simple combinations at a high intensity and lots of body weight exercises. Boxing Tech is learning what boxing is all about – from the fundamentals of footwork and head movement through to more complex combinations.

Why does it work?

Interval style training – short bursts of maximal effort work – is extremely effective to burn fat, increase cardiovascular function and boost metabolism.

Who is it good for?

Everyone – we have members of all ages and experience levels. More than 50% of our members are female, proving boxing isn’t just for the boys.

What are some results I can expect to see?

Boxing requires a combination of cardio fitness, power, speed, strength and coordination.

Strength class at Oxford Performance Centre

Daniel Christie, Owner, Oxford Performance Centre

What is the OPC Strength class?

Think a weight training session in a group atmosphere. Great for anyone who needs motivation and support to lift heavier, a coach to correct your form and to remind you of when your rest period is over, plus no standing around waiting for equipment.

What does a typical strength class look like?

We break our strength classes down into upper and lower body working days, this way we can get a full and effective workout done without losing intensity and results by needing to try and fit a whole body workout into 45 minutes. This also allows your body enough time to recover between sessions.

Why does it work?

For your body to change it needs to be challenged, our fully qualified and experienced trainers make sure you are lifting with the correct form, lifting a weight that is safe whilst challenging for you and also making sure you’re feeling it in the right muscles. When we have all these things right the effectiveness of your training increases.

What are some of the results you can expect to see?

You will become leaner, faster, stronger. You will feel a sense confidence that comes with knowing that you’re strong. You will feel your body tighten up, your muscles will be firmer. Your body fat will drop revealing the definition of the muscles that lay beneath. With our programming and exercise choice, your posture will improve, your lower back pain will go away, those activities that used to feel challenging will become easy.

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