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The best all over workout you will ever do 2 minute read

Luke Istomin personally trained Hugh Jackman for his Wolverine role, and has also trained Nicole Kidman, Nicole Richie, Nicole Trunfio, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Liev Schrieber, Tobey Maguire and Ryan Reynolds. This week we share with you his Hollywood program. If you missed the last three days, go back and check them. And for the next two days stay tuned for the rest of the FREE program. Even easier: pop in your email address and we will email the articles directly to your inbox.

The below exercises highlight the fact you don’t need a gym to do an all over body workout. This workout has zero equipment, but maximum impact and uses your bodyweight to create intensity. It’s excellent for anyone from the corporate traveller, to mums at home and people who don’t have access to a gym. Australian model, Nicole Trunfio, loved doing this kind of stuff. At the end of the day, we’re trying to use as many muscles as you can for a short period of time and elevate the heart rate.

Stage 1

Complete this series as fast as possible.

5 Burpees, 7 Tricep push ups, 9 Hollow rocks – 7 times.


Jump on the spot then immediately drop into a pushup. Jump legs to hands from the push up, then jump into the air. That’s one burpee. Do five of these.

Tricep push ups

Place hands on ground, touching the body at the bottom of the ribs, legs out behind you. Stay on toes if advanced, bend knees if beginner. Bend elbows down to lower chest to ground then push back up. Do seven of these.

Hollow rocks

Lie on your back with hands stretched over head, head and feet off the ground. Like a rigid banana. Join hands and, using your core to move you, rock back and forth nine times.

This can take up to to 12 minutes, if you’re feeling adventurous go through the circuit twice before doing stage two.

Stage 2:

Do the following exercises for 45 seconds, then have a 15 second rest before doing the next exercise.

Mountain climbers circular

Start in plank position with hands under shoulders, core sucked in. Move feet in a running motion towards hips while you move toes in a semi circle. Go back and forth for 45 seconds, then have a 15 second rest before moving onto the next exercise.

Push back push ups

Crouch down on all fours, knees bent and back curved. Push out into a pushup, dominating your weight towards one hand, then come back to starting position in centre. Push forward again, bring weight over other hand to a push up, then push back. Continue alternating for 45 seconds, then have a 15 second rest.

1 squat + 1 Lunge

Stand with feet hip width apart, squat down into a sitting position. Back should be straight, core tucked in, lean slightly forward. Push off your heels to come back up. Now do a lunge forward with your right leg, keeping hips as stable as possible. Push off heels to come back to standing, then do the other leg. Squat again, and repeat forward lunges. Continue to squat, lunge, lunge for 45 seconds, then have a 15 second rest.

Plank + Diagonal reach

In a plank position on forearms and toes, lift one arm and opposite leg away from your body at 45 degrees. In a star position with diagonal limbs. Squeeze midsection, butt, glutes and legs the whole way through while breathing comfortably Reach back with the leg, rather than up, then squeeze and drag leg and arm back to position. Keep everything stable. Continue alternating sides.

Do four rounds of these three exercises with no stopping in between.


Consistency always wins out. I see so many people with New Year resolutions but the reality is they sometimes go too hard too soon, they don’t enjoy it and they leave themselves open to injury. Exercise increases your energy, happiness levels, alleviates depression, gets you out of the house and more, but we’ve been so instilled that we can lose weight overnight, that we have an unrealistic expectation of losing weight. People should be able to incorporate some form of physical exercise training in whatever form they enjoy.

It can be simple: start with a walk and progress to group classes, gyms, boutique studios/training facilities, team sports etc. The recommendation coming from scientists is that we need to 30 – 45 minutes per day to maintian our weight, which just shows that we’re not doing the basics, like eating well. Get outdoors, get a fitness tracker, use apps, stand up and move around, just get moving.

For the next instalment of Luke Istomin’s free fitness and nutrition program, check back into the Juice Daily tomorrow.


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