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The best exercise program in the world.

I’ve trained Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie, Liev Shrieber and Naomi Watts among others in the 15 odd years I’ve been a fitness trainer. You can imagine the kind of questions I get: “How do I lose weight?” “What’s the best exercise program?” “How can I get the best results?”

And just like the question,“What is going on with Donald Trump’s hairpiece?” the answers are as long and varied as Justin Bieber’s (not so) little black book!

I’ve witnessed just about every shift in thinking of ideal training and nutritional methodologies. From the carb loading then depleting bodybuilding days, to the Atkins diet and walking regime, to athletic strength and conditioning and now the Paleo and functional movement patterns, plus every fit fad known to man.

Guess what works best? The one that you do. The one that you like to do. The one that gels with your body.
Because you can try all the fancy exercise lequipment/programs/training methods in the world, but they’re not going to work unless you DO THEM.

I’ve seen trainers make people sit on a spin bike even if they hate it, go for runs even if their body protests, lift weights when every fibre of their being is screaming no. All of that leads to people quitting their exercise program and even if it’s the best program in the world, once you quit, it stops working.

That’s why I will not say, “this is the one program you should be doing.” It’s not my business to be putting my judgement on what makes you happy with your mind and body.

Be it in the gym, your living room, on the footpath or training field, to the Yoga / Pilates / dance studio or whatever else it is you get your ray of sunshine from, you should choose how you move. As long as you do move, that’s what counts.

I’m a fan of all things being active and having variety. Growing up in the Hunter Valley, my childhood was spent riding billy carts down the local hill and then climbing the Mulberry trees afterwards, snacking on those before mum would cook us a dinner of the freshest country produce. I later played every sport imaginable and convinced myself that I was going to be alongside Michael Jordan and Dennis Rodman in the NBA at any given moment. It was due to the terrible circumstance that my athletic size, and more realistically, my athletic ability, shattered those early dreams (I’m still on standby if the water boy duties come up for LeBron!)

And as someone who has personal experience with depression running in the family and seeing several friends suffer the effects of this illness, I can honestly say that I have witnessed the positive transformation of so many lives through the simple act of daily movement and sensible nutrition.
There are now so many fantastic training options to help clear the mind on a daily basis and release those happy hormones to help keep this seemingly crazy life we all lead in check.

The world is a better place when you are happy. And eating clean combined with some form of physical activity on a regular basis, is the best form of therapy you can give yourself, I promise you.

Luke Istomin

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Luke Istomin is the co-founder of F45 Training and Australia's most in-demand celebrity trainer. His new project is and is the result of Luke's passion and dedication of informing the globe the benefits of implementing some effective training and nutrition principles to help achieve higher levels of performance in all areas of your life.

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