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The best pools to get summer-ready

Swimming is one of those activities that ticks all the boxes – a low-impact, all-over-body workout that’s also a great cardiovascular workout.

And with winter out of the way, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the warmer weather and introduce it into your morning fitness.

But where running can at least keep the brain engaged with its constantly changing landscape, staring at a black line for laps on end may not be that appealing to the visually oriented of us.

But that doesn’t mean that a pool can’t be motivating. In fact, we’ve found some that make your dawn dip the best part of the day.

Just remember to pack some goggles!


North Sydney Olympic Pool

What better way to start the day by beating some PBs under the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the Opera House glowing in the distance?

And if the views aren’t enough to inspire you, knowing that more than 80 world records in swimming have been set here might be the push you need to get yourself going.

One of the few pools left in Sydney that offer both a 25 metre and 50 metre option, North Sydney Olympic Pools also boast a sauna and spa where you can rest your weary muscles post swim.

If you’re fond of some friendly competition,  consider joining up with one of the local swimming clubs.




Overlooking Bondi Beach, Icebergs is a hot favourite for Instagrammers thanks to its spectacular settings. But it also happens to be a great place for a swim.

The massive pool is open all-year-round, meaning  you won’t have to stop your summer swim regime once the mercury begins to drop. 

And with regular inflow of saltwater with every high tide (or high wave), this is one of the freshest ways to start the day.

Wylie Baths, Coogee

Salt water? Tick. Fresh air? Check. One of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches as a backdrop? Perfect.

Located on a rock shelf below Grant Reserve, Coogee’s Wylie Baths are the perfect place to catch the dawn sun while you’re getting in your morning laps. They’re also famous for being one of the first mixed-gendered public baths in Australia.

From October to March, amateur swimming clubs hold meets and weekend races for people of all ages and swimming prowess.

Bronte Baths

If you can imagine Bondi without the crowds, then that’s Bronte Beach. And attached to this little cove is one of the best kept secrets in Sydney – a free saltwater lap pool.

Aside from the amazing cliff side setting and stunning ocean view, the great thing about Bronte Baths is the variety of people who use it: from die-hard locals to nannas in floral caps, you’ll feel right at home regardless of your own breaststroke prowess.

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Brighton Baths

Established in 1881, Brighton Baths are an Olympic-sized saltwater pool overlooking Port Phillip Bay.

Unlike standard pools, training in outdoor pools such as Brighton can add additional core work to your swim as your body works harder to keep itself stable.

Brighton Baths are the home to the infamous Icebergers. Believing that there is an array of health benefits that from cold water swimming, you can join like-minded folk taking a dip in the middle of the coldest winter.

Fitzroy Pools

Located in the heart of Melbourne, Fitzroy Pools are a hipster’s haven. After briefly closing, a grassroots campaign brought the much-loved pool back to life.

The heated 50 metre pool is open all year round, and the revamped facilities also have an onsite gym, sauna and steam room.

For the gritty CBD-loving Melbournite, there is no other place to be.

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Bicton Bath Pools

A saltwater lap pool and a geothermal hydrotherapy bath to relax in afterwards, Bicton Pools are where it’s at if you’re in Perth.

Located on the shore of Perth’s stunning Swan River at Blackwall Reach Parade, views of the city and passing boats are a nice touch as you’re hitting out 50×50 on the 50.

The geothermal bath is set to a nice steamy 37 degrees all year round and is filled with artesian water that has the added bonus of conditioning the hair and skin post-swim!


Spring Hill Baths

If you like your pools old-school, then the heritage listed Spring Hill Baths will be your water de jour.

Built in 1886, Spring Baths were Brisbane’s first in-ground pool and come with all the classic hallmarks of a bygone era, from the individual changing rooms alongside the pool itself to the grandstand seating.

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