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The new rules to get a model’s body

Heidi, Gisele, Alessandra, Miranda. While I know I’ll never be six feet tall with the hips of a young boy, I can still be fit and healthy, right?

Cue Sydney’s top trainers. They’ve coached models, celebrities, elite athletes and most importantly, hundreds of everyday women like me.  Matt Reid from Joe’s Basecamp in Brookvale, Veronica Wallington from P.E. Dept in Potts Point and Catherine Rose, a Megaformer instructor from Physicore (um, Alessandra Ambrosio uses it, and that’s all we need to know) tell us the new rules to get a model’s body this summer.

The new rules

1. Use weights

“The biggest mistake women can make is avoiding weight training out of fear of looking bulky and masculine – it’s a myth – you will NOT get bulky from lifting heavy things,” says Veronica Wallington, Personal Trainer from P.E. Dept.

“The truth is when you pick up heavy things your muscles become stronger (but not necessarily bigger). If you pump yourself full of testosterone, eat way more calories than you burn, then naturally you will get bigger. But if you lift heavy weights and maintain a healthy diet, with enough protein to repair those muscles, you will get stronger without becoming the female version of the hulk.”


2. Eat carbs

“When you avoid all carbs and fats and resort to under eating in an effort to achieve an athletic toned body, it stops the normal metabolic process from taking place. Not only is this method generally not sustainable long-term, but usually results in binges,” says Matt Reid, Personal Trainer at Joe’s Basecamp.

“Don’t follow fads like gluten-free diets. By fuelling your body with good carbs and fats and eliminating the bad it can be very helpful in achieving an athletic and toned body,” he advises.

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Photo: @alessandraambrosio Instagram 

3. Keep to a routine

“Don’t go for the quick fix. If you want long lasting results you need a program that you can sustain in all conditions – whether when you’re tired, on holidays, with a family or training on your own,” says Wallington.

“Find out what works for you long-term – I like to take a balanced, holistic approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle and then you never really fall off track, you maintain a similar body weight and shape all year round.”

Are you hearing that? Fad fixes won’t work. The best exercise is the one that you’ll do year round.


4. Train to suit you

“Learn what type of training works for both your body and mental health. Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one model workout doesn’t fit all. Some might say one method transformed their body but don’t buy into the hype – it won’t necessarily change yours,” says Wallington.

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5. Have a goal

“Have a clear goal in mind – think about what you want to achieve and put a program in place that works towards this,” says Reid. “Programs that target too many different things at once can lead to biochemical responses that compete against each other and hinder adaptation to the exercises.”



Photo: @alessandraambrosio Instagram 


6. Try something different, like a Megaformer

If you always go for a run, mix it up with a different training exercise that will shock your body into shape.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Sofia Vegara, Nicole Kidman and Kim Kardashian are all fans of the megaformer – kind of like a Pilates reformer on steroids.

Rose, co-founder of Physicore, Sydney’s only Megaformer studio, has trained a host of celebrities, models and athletes and says three to four 50 minute classes over three weeks will have you seeing results in no time.

Different to the Pilates reformer machine, a Megaformer uses the Lagree fitness method, which promises to build lean muscle without bulk.

“With hundreds of movements possible on the Megaformer, no two workouts are ever the same – it works the entire body and stimulates muscles from different angles,” says Rose. “This means your muscles are kept guessing and there’s no plateau – you just get stronger!”

But Rose says, bear in mind, it’s no walk in the park.

“Achieving a lean, athletic figure requires commitment, consistency and hard work. It’s assumed that top models like Alessandra Ambrosio don’t have to work at their physical appearance and it’s just down to their genes – but the majority of successful models train incredibly hard.”

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Photo: @alessandraambrosio Instagram 


7. Prioritise your health

“Exercise is a stress on the body so it needs ample time to recover. If you place too much stress on it, the body won’t adjust and adapt to that stressor the next time it is applied and it becomes much harder to achieve that athletic toned body,” says Reid.

“Ensure your prioritise foundational habits like sleep, nutrition and water intake to allow your body the best chance to recover.”


8. Choose quality over quantity

“It’s easy to get stuck into thinking that more time in the gym is better – but this can lead to sessions that run way too long or to multiple sessions a day or a week – putting the body into a catabolic state,” says Reid. “Invest in quality over quantity and make sure to allow adequate recovery between sessions to get results.


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