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The ultimate 30 minute workout Got half an hour? Do this HIIT training!

Stuck for time and unsure how to get a quick, but killer workout in? Veronica Wallington from P.E. Dept in Potts Point has devised this 30 minute full body, functional and high cardio workout that you can do anywhere.

“It’s great if you just want to smash something out, get a full body workout in, plus some cardio to get the heart rate soaring and blood pumping in just 30 minutes,” says Wallington. Just follow these instructions:

Set a timer for 30 minutes

Aim to get through the list of exercises with a cardio option in between each new exercise. (Cardio choice can be whatever you like/have available to you but something like 200m sprint, 100 skips, 100 high knees, 200m row, 90 second bike sprint are all good options).

I have kept most of the exercises body weight so this workout can be done anywhere, anytime but if you do have access to weights/gym you can add some where able (e.g. weighted squats etc)

Start with a cardio choice and then first exercise. Then cardio choice again (can mix it up or stick with the same one) then on to second exercise. Work through the list trying to complete all 12 exercises by end of 30 minutes.

1. 30 x squats

2. 60 x lunge jumps

3. 30 x pushups

4. 30 x bent over back flies

Bend over so that your upper body is parallel to the floor, legs slightly bent, core engaged and slight stretch through the back of the legs into glutes. Start with your arms straight underneath your chest and then open up wide squeezing your back muscles together and down. Slowly return and repeat.

5. 60 x jumping jacks

6. 30 x plank salutes

In plank position, keep torso dead still as you raise one arm out in front as if in salute motion. Return slowly without moving through the torso and repeat on other side.

7. 60 x squat jumps

8. 30 x box jumps (or step ups)

9. 30 x tricep dips (or pushups if shoulder issues)

10. 60 x mountain climbers

11. 30 x v-sit crunches

Start lying back down with your feet touching but knees apart, creating a V type position from your feet to your knees. Crunch up so that your shoulders lift off the ground and you concentrate on working your transverse (your lower) abs as you lower back down.

12. 30 x burpees

And … rest!

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Veronica (better known as Vee) is the founder and head trainer of V8 Group Training. Her background in fitness stems from an early age training and competing as a professional athlete for distance running, of which she excelled to be in top ranking in the world for various distances. Vee’s passion for fitness and healthy living although heavily influenced from her athletic pursuits and commitments has been broadened and she now enjoys working with the everyday person in achieving their fitness, weightless, and healthy living goals.

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