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Top 10 tips for healthy body weight

With so many fad diets around, it’s no wonder everyone’s so confused. Don’t get caught up in the hype. With all the marketing and misinformation, it’s easy to get misled.

Usually the sell is, if you can stick to a restrictive diet plan, you will probably lose some weight, but statistically most people are back to their starting weight or heavier within two years.

Your aim shouldn’t be to remove food groups as suggested by a lot of diets, but to add more variety to your diet.

Don’t believe the hype on superfoods. Rather, you should aim to have a super diet. That is, a diet that is made up of a variety of fresh produce from the five food groups.

Top 10 tips for reaching a healthy body weight:

1. Try eliminating as much packaged food from your diet as you can.

Most of the packaged foods available in the supermarket are highly processed. They can be high in kilojoules and low in fibre making them very energy dense. They also tend to have a lot of additives to increase shelf life and flavour. Fresh is best!

2. Have a healthy breakfast every morning

Skipping breakfast can lead to a day of snacking. It’s amazing how the kilojoules add up if you snack during the day. Foods like oats, fruit and yoghurt or wholemeal toast with a poached egg are a great way to start the day. They are not only nutritious and easy to prepare, but taste delicious too.

3. Try getting about 70% of your dietary intake from plant based foods

Unprocessed plant based foods are loaded with nutrients and generally low in kilojoules. They are packed with fibre so they fill you up.

Aim for five serves of veggies, four to six serves of wholegrains and two serves of fruit each day.

4. Shop around the outside of the supermarket. That’s where all the fresh food is.

This one’s easy. Most supermarkets are laid out so that all the fresh produce is around the outside while the aisles are full of packaged foods. Some exceptions to this rule are; Oats, brown rice, canned vegetables and canned fish like tuna, salmon and sardines.

5. Don’t make weight loss your main goal. Adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to your success.

For most people, focusing on weight loss instead of adopting a healthy lifestyle is a recipe for disaster. It can lead to a cycle of losing weight on one fad diet, only to put it all back on, then jumping to the next fad diet to get back under control. This is definitely not the way to maintain a healthy body weight. Most of these diets are far too restrictive to maintain for any length of time.


6. Remember that drinks can also contain a lot of kilojoules

Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, fruit juices and lattes all add extra kilojoules to your daily intake and can go a long way to undermining your good work. It’s not that you can’t ever have them but save them for a treat on the weekend. That doesn’t mean you can binge drink but a glass of wine or two with dinner on a Saturday night is okay. Use them as a treat, not as a part of your every day intake.

7. Have a good support group

Surround yourself with positive people who will support and encourage you all the way. Telling people your goals at the outset makes you more accountable and more likely to stick to those goals.

8. Keep it simple

If it’s complicated, you are setting yourself up for failure. Eating healthy and keeping fit doesn’t need to be complicated. If you get advice that seems complicated and restrictive, look for another advisor.

9. Break your goals down into realistic short term goals

Let’s say you want to lose 20kg, you will have a better chance of reaching your goal if you break it down into smaller easier goals. You can still have your main goal as 20kg weight loss, but break it into mini goals of say five kg at a time. It’s not as daunting this way and you’ll feel more motivated each time you reach one of these milestones.

10. Don’t be too hard on yourself

You are only human- you are going to have a few setbacks along the way. Acknowledge your mistakes and move on.
This should be a long term lifestyle change, not some quick fix. It’s okay to have a treat from time to time, just don’t overdo it.

If you mostly eat good fresh food in the right portion sizes, exercise regularly and keep a positive attitude you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll achieve, not only with your weight loss but also with improved general health.

Daryl Maddern

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Daryl Maddern

Daryl is the founder and owner of Astute Fitness. He has lived and breathed fitness for the past 35 years. Daryl is a national champion powerlifter and endurance athlete, competing in marathons, triathlons, cross-country mountain bike riding and swimming. "I believe that your health and fitness is one of your most important assets, arguably the most important if you want to live a happy and eventful life!! Everyone is so busy these days trying to balance family, work and all the other things that need doing. It can seem impossible to fit everything in. We cut through all hype and give you a no nonsense approach to a healthy lifestyle".

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