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Top 5 barre exercises to do at home When you can’t get to barre classes.

Sometime life gets in the way and we are unable to get to as many barre classes as we would like. So what to do? Adapt! Turn up Spotify and try these five barre exercises at home, specially done for us by the experts at Aleenta Barre. You’re welcome!

For the arms: Push ups at the bench

“I do not have my own barre, but I have a kitchen bench.”

  1. Stand half a metre away from the bench with your heels raised and squeezing together. Put your hands on the bench to create your plank position.
  2. Take your hands wider than your shoulders to exercise your pectoral muscles OR bring your hands under your shoulders to exercise your tricep muscles.
  3. Lower your body close to the bench and then back to plank.

Technique tip: Zip up your lower belly (as if you are wearing tight jeans) to engage the core. Lower your pelvis down to make one long line from your heels to your head.



For the legs: Plie pulse

You can continue using the bench as a barre or you can use the back of a chair.

  1. Stand side on to your “barre” and hold on with one hand. Turn your toes out into a “V” shape with your heels together and toes apart (this is called first position).
  2. Rise up to bring your heels off the floor. Bring in your heels to touch.
  3. Stand tall with your spine lengthened and bend the knees to create a diamond shape between your legs. Micro pulse the bend in the legs.
  4. Pulse for half a song on this side and then turn to the second side to repeat.

Technique Tip: Do this exercise side-on to a mirror. Draw your belly button up and in toward your spine and drop your tailbone down towards the floor. It should look like your back is sliding up and down an invisible wall.



For the legs: floor thigh

  1. Lying on the floor (on a mat or blanket if you prefer) extend your right leg toward the ceiling and point the toe. The left leg remains long along the floor.
  2. Slowly bend the right knee and bring the right big toe to touch the inside of the left knee (right knee goes out to the right side).
  3. Slowly extend the right leg long along the floor next to the left leg before slowly bringing the right leg back up to point to the ceiling (straight).
  4. Repeat this 10 times then swap legs.

Technique Tip: Place your hands on your hips and draw your core up and in to prevent your hips from rocking side to side.

For the Core: Boat Pose

  1. Sit up tall and hug your knees into your chest. Balance on the bones in your bum and try to keep your toes off the floor.
  2. Let go of your legs, let your arms hover either side of your legs. Extend your legs away from the body (straight legs if you can, or a 90 degree angle at the knee) and squeeze your legs together.
  3. Hold this position and micro pulse the arms.

Technique Tip: Keep a long spine throughout this exercise, don’t slouch at any point. Keep a lot of space between your ears and your shoulders throughout.


Stretch: Half Pigeon

  1. From all fours, put the right knee between the hands and extend the left leg along the floor/mat directly behind your left hip.
  2. Come forward onto your elbows. You should feel the stretch in your right hip/buttock.
  3. Take deep breaths here before doing the other leg.

Technique Tip: Keep your hips square with the floor.

Bicky Lee

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Bicky Lee

Bicky is part of the fab Tenders team at Aleenta Barre - a network of expert barre teachers across Melbourne and Adelaide.

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