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When did lunges become a thing?

We all have a few personal Life Rules, even those of us who are so rebellious they don’t even believe in rules.

I’m Too Cool For Rules people usually have the rule:

  1. No magicians.

I have a couple of rules:

  1. No parties on boats.
  2. No disgusting caraway seeds on anything.
  3. Knife and fork together at the end of the meal.
  4. Don’t make enemies with the guy with the bloodshot eyes.
  5. No parties on boats.

Boat parties are the worst though.  I don’t like them.  I wouldn’t care if Leonardo di Caprio was guaranteed to be on this boat with Channing Tatum and an unlimited supply of Pol Roger champagne — I still wouldn’t go. You’re stuck.  You can’t leave if you want to.  It’s actually quite dastardly to throw a party on a boat and if anyone you know tries to invite you to a party on a boat you should reconsider the friendship.  (Perhaps make new friends next time some pirates pass through?)

But as much as it’s one of my life rules to avoid parties on boats I can see that kayaking could be fun.  Pottering around on a little kayak, yep, okay, could possibly be tolerable.

In the world of fitness, I’m not sure that the extra “R” and “E” and entirely necessary in Barre Fitness, but I’m willing to say oui, oui, it’s French, I get it.  I’ll bend* for Barre Fitness.

I’m flexible** like that.  Not with everything, though. For instance, the modern world is full of things I choose not to believe in.  Here is a short list of just some of them:

  1. That Kylie and Kendal Jenner are not the same person
  2. Matt Damon as a legit action hero.  Just – what?!  NO!
  3. Storing your important stuff “on the cloud”.  What cloud? How? What if it rains?  Is this so-called “cloud” where all our MySpace pages went after they died?
  4. The world needs another Star Wars movie
  5. That Russell Crowe will ever get his pre-baby body back

…But can we have a conversation about lunges?


**lol soz

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