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Yumi Stynes: Should you bother with a fun run?

I can’t begin to tell you how motivating it’s been to sign up and pay my entry money for the City2Surf.

Before I officially entered I’d been thinking about it, talking about it – umm-ing, ahh-ing – and drawing up a list of pros and cons which basically looked like this:

Running is good for you Running hurts
Like the party vibe Don’t like crowds
Great sense of achievement at the end Great sense of suffering during

Eventually, I decided to just sign up and the very, very worst-case scenario would be that I simply don’t turn up on the day (and perhaps spend a bonus hour in bed eating my own weight in Haigh’s Macadamia Nut Crunch bars).

Not the worst idea in the world.  A waste of money, yes, but not the worst thing in the world.

So – I paid my money, and next thing I know, I’m running at least every second day and every time I run all I can picture is the start line and how I want to be standing there feeling strong, prepared, like I can run the whole 14 kilometres.

The last two start lines I was at were quite some time ago.  At one, I was accidentally rather hungover.  My partner and I had been out the night before with interstate friends who completely surprised us by turning out to be the kind of people who, when you say, “Alright, we should be heading home soon”, they order two bottles of champagne. But, the run turned out to be okay because in spite of the hangovers we were in pretty good shape from training for the previous start line, which was a 21 kilometre half marathon.

Yumi and daughters

That start line I was wildly excited.  As we waited in the crowd for the starter’s gun, hopping from foot to foot, looking around at everyone’s bright and open faces, I asked my fella if he could tighten my bra strap from the back.  Just cos.  He stood there confused, like a giant trying to make sense of a canapé.  Eventually he loosened the bra strap so far the whole thing threatened to slide to the ground and a couple of ladies standing near us in the crush made him step aside and fixed it quick smart.  Thanks strange ladies!

Anyway, the good thing was, at that start line I felt prepared.  There’s no better feeling.  And of course, during the run I couldn’t help but notice other peoples’ lack of preparation.

Some tips:

  1. Don’t run with loose change in your pockets!  The noise is super-annoying and there’s nothing to spend it on, trust me.
  2. Yes, the air is cool in the morning but you are NOT going to want a jumper on during the run.  Don’t wear it.  DO NOT WEAR THE JUMPER.
  3. Walking is reasonable but try not to stop running suddenly.  It’s a big crowd and people will run into the back of you.
  4. The likelihood of you and your running buddies keeping pace the entire run is low.  Organise a meet-up spot and run gloriously.
  5. Smile.  It’s scientifically proven to help you go faster.

Just to make things extra-interesting, I have also signed up two of my daughters for the run.  So far, they’ve never run more than 3km at any one time, and accompanied their runs with a fair bit of complaining!  Like, some pretty loud and whingy words like “No” and “I’m tired!”

I’m thinking of investing in a couple of those toddler leashes and just dragging them up Heartbreak Hill (“But Mum!  You’re fitter than us!” they say.  “You’re fourteen!” I say.  “You’ve never had an injury, never smoked and you spend all day frolicking and eating in your wonderland of teenage irresponsibility.  YOU CAN DO THIS!”)

If the toddler leashes don’t work, we’ll look into getting a taser.

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