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Foods to boost your sex drive

We’re moving into those colder months of the year. Big cosy jumpers emerge from the wardrobe and nights in with a lover, a bowl of comfort food and a bottle of red seem to be replacing those energised summer walks, swims and grilled fish on the beach. And whilst those warm snuggles may lead to something more intimate, if you’re losing sight of good healthy eating and leaning toward less nutritious and heavier foods for the winter, chances are you’ll be dimming your mojo too. So here’s some food for thought … rather than let winter get the better of your health, why don’t you take control and eat to boost your libido, instead of lose it?

Foods to dampen your sex drive do so by affecting the synthesis and release of the hormones you need, namely testosterone, which give you the urge for some action between the sheets.


Refined Carbohydrates: Wheat based bread, pasta, cakes, pastries and cookies can effectively lower testosterone by producing an enzyme, which converts testosterone to oestrogen. Too frequent consumption of these types of carbs can wreak havoc on your sex life and quite possibly your waistline.

Alcohol: A drink or two might provide that little touch of social lubricant to get you in the mood, but too much can impede sexual performance for both men and women alike. Just to throw an idea out there, consider making a swap for the wine-filled dinners to some active winter dates that bring out your best? Rock climbing, live comedy (yes belly laughs are included in activity), bush walking, bike riding, maybe even trampolining? Sure, some may sound obscure, but don’t knock it til you try it. At the very least they’ll make you smile. And a beaming smile is a pretty great turn on for anyone.

Sugar: Bit of pudding after a dinner with your lover is either going to lead you into the rest of the evening of romance or perhaps turn you into the late night pudding yourself. Desserts, while lovely in the moment, need to be a moderate affair not just in winter, but all throughout the year if you want to keep your energy high between the sheets. Sure, they taste great but sugar laden desserts cause blood glucose spikes and then very rapid lows in energy. Want to keep optimal nutrition and sex drive all in one place? My advice is to stay on the high from a delicious main meal, skip dessert and head straight to the bedroom instead.

So now you know what you need to avoid this is where the fun begins with food. Consider these beautiful nutrients right in the ingredients on grocery shelves which actually feed your libido.


Zinc rich foods such as the old favourite oysters, red meat such as beef, chicken, fish and eggs to fuel the fire. Zinc is an important mineral in literally hundreds of biochemical pathways within our bodies including those, which produce our vital sex hormones. In addition zinc is fab for immunity, keeping cold and flus at bay over the winter months. There is zero sexiness in sneeze and sniffle, yeah?

Magnesium: Need a lift in energy to see you through the day and into the intimacy of the eve (or vice versa … whatever floats your love boat). Ensure foods dense in nutrients such as magnesium make a frequent appearance in your diet. Ingredients such as cacao, leafy greens, nuts and seeds just to name a few will improve energy and help your muscles contract and then relax just when you need them too. Wink.

Healthy fats: Finally, do not live in fear of healthy fats from avocado, nuts, seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, nut butters, tahini and fatty fish such as salmon and trout to drive your sex drive up a notch. Why? These essential fats support a healthy cardiovascular system that is responsible for the beat of our hearts and ensuring there is a good distribution of blood flow throughout the body, including to those areas which need it most when things get steamy between you and your lover.

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