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Post-Easter cold turkey sugar plan

So Easter is over and you’re worried about what all the chocolate and hot cross buns have done to your body? Those refined carbs and sugar may have made your taste buds sing, however can also result in post bloating and feeling lethargic.

Did you know that for every 100g of chocolate that you ate, be it eggs or bunny rabbits, you were eating on average around 50g of sugar? That’s about 10 spoonfuls which is double the WHO recommended daily intake. Not to mention the copious quantities of hot cross buns consumed which contain, on average,  around 4 teaspoons of sugar per bun.

But all is not lost, you can still enjoy the sweet and healthy things in life without consuming copious quantities of added sugar (as opposed to sugar naturally present in the foods that we eat). Get your body out of the sugar coma with tips by Well Naturally Food Scientist Wladimir Budnik.


Chocolate for breakfast may sound like fun, but that can make you crave more and give you a mid-sugar crash. Ditch the highly sweetened commercially made cereals for breakfast, which can contain up to 30% sugar) and go for the simple ones such as oatmeal, where you can add fresh fruits such as banana and berries to sweeten them up. Or as I prefer, a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of teff (an ancient grain from Ethiopia that fuels their marathon runners) before you cook it all up, and enjoy it as a hot, nutty, savoury meal. Start your day right with a nutritious breakfast.


A good guide to follow when choosing processed foods is to always check the nutritional panel (usually on the back label) and choose foods that contain less than 5g (1 spoonful) of sugar per 100g and no more than 15g (3 spoonful’s) per 100g.

If you think the so called “health bar” is a good alternative, think again. The majority of the big brands are loaded with sugar anywhere from 20-40%, especially those targeting kids. Choose bars that are labelled as no added sugar and also check the natural sugar content in the nutritional panel.


Unless they are labelled with a no added sugar statement don’t even think about electrolyte replacement drinks as a healthy alternative to fizzy soft drinks – a bottle of Maximus sports drink contains a massive 12 teaspoons of sugar. H2O will be your best friend; it’s free from calories and will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Say goodbye to the chocolate head fuzzies.


The good news is you don’t have to give up chocolate because if you take out the sugar, chocolate is actually good for you. There’s ample research on the health benefits of high cocoa dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa), in particular the cardiovascular health benefits (it’s good for your heart and blood flow). Just ensure you buy the no sugar added varieties. Also opt for fresh fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, it will be exactly what you need to keep you going!


Last but not least, get some exercise in your life as it boosts your metabolism and helps to burn off the post Easter calories, so go for run or a brisk walk whenever you can. I’ll finally leave you with the words of the famous John Lennon “Cold turkey, has got me, on the run!”.

Wladimir Budnik

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Wladimir Budnik

Wladimir Budnik is a Food Scientist, Nutritionist and Skincare expert who currently heads the Education Department at Vitality Brands. Budnik holds a Bachelor Of Applied Science and a Masters of Business Administration. He also is a Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) and the Australian Society of Cosmetic Chemists (ASCC).

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