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What’s in my fridge? With Matt Moran

Superchef extraordinare, Matt Moran, gives us an inside glance into his fridge.

What’s your food philosophy?

I’m a big believer in going to the farmer’s markets and getting fresh produce. I always find that when you buy direct from the guys who are breeding or producing it, there’s some romance about the food, it always tastes better. I get more passionate about the food once I hear the backstory. And it’s not about going to the markets with a preconceived idea of what you want to buy either, just going and checking out what’s in season and doing it that way instead of having a shopping list.



What’s in Matt’s fridge?

1. I’ve got an LG fridge with a door in door – where you put the stuff you use all the time. I use it for milk. We have full cream milk for my son’s breakfast and coffee and tea, and almond milk that my partner uses for her breakfast.

2. Always good quality butter! I love either Pepe Sayer or Myrtleford butter. To me, butter is just as important as the topping you put on top of it. It’s all about freshness and flavour and those two are the best. Sometimes it’s just toast and butter and otherwise we use it to cook with.

3. Two dozen eggs from the farm – there’s nothing better than frying your eggs in fresh butter, then eating them on Iggy’s toast – with more butter.

4. Icecream in the freezer – no question it’s always Maggie Beer, my favourite is the Burnt Fig, Caramel and Honeycomb. She’s created the best icecream ever. My kids idolise her for her icecream creations.

5. In our fridge there is a custom chill drawer which is a compartment where you can set the temperature to minus 1, and I keep meat and fish in there. It’s currently holding a one kg piece of Rangers Valley flank that I got that at the markets on the weekend. I’m going to marinate it in olive oil, garlic and chilli then bbq it.

6. James Boag beer, I love a beer on a warm day.

7. Good pickles – I always make my own.

8. There’s always a bit of a ferment happening, this week it’s cabbage.

9. My son bought me a dehydrator for Father’s Day and he’s going on a camp and thought he might miss out on a some protein, so we bought some skirt steak and I made him a beef jerky.

10. Veggies! This week we’re big on Chinese cabbage which I use for stir frys.

11. Sliced ham from Victor Churchill’s which I bought on the weekend. They do a roasted leg ham every Saturday and Sunday, if I’m in there on the weekend I’ll pick up some ham for the kids. The kids aren’t around this week so I’ll have to eat it.

12. Homemade tomato pasta sauce that we use to chuck on pasta for the kids.

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