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Take your new Fitbit out to dinner

You can get text notifications, sync events in with your calendar and even answer or decline calls with a new Fitbit, says the company’s Asia-Pacific Senior Director of Marketing, Jaime Hardley.

So picture it:

You’re sitting in a big meeting where you’re all listening to someone present. It’s deathly quite, but suddenly a phone starts ringing. It’s not mine, you think with smug confidence, only to be horrified when you realise it actually is yours. You fumble through your bag, looking for the offensive object, while the whole room stares at you embarrrassingly find your phone as the ring gets louder and louder. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, it’s off. Red faced, you decisively switch it on silent and throw it back in your bag with exaggerated self-disgust.

“But if you were wearing a Fitbit Blaze on your wrist, you could deny your call from the device. Or answer it. Whatever you choose.”

So it not only does all the usual stuff – tracks your steps, your kilojoules burnt, all your activities and your heart rate, but it also syncs with your calendar and controls your music. It’s also got interchangeable wristbands so you’re not stuck with the same polymer band every day.

“It also comes in tan, black and grey leather, and there is a metal link band which looks like a bracelet. The Alta, our other new model for the fitness novice, also has interchangeable bands. The whole thing is a lot more fashionable to wear now.



The Fitbit Blaze, $319.95

Fitbit Alta_Luxe Stainless Steel_Silver_Bangle_Clock_Flower

The Fitbit Alta, $199.95.

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