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8 times when being mediocre is more than just OK

In a world where we’re constantly told to “Give 110 per cent!” and “Take it to the limit!” it’s no wonder people have such a hard time accepting mediocrity. But by the time you’ve reached adulthood, you’ve probably learned to accept mediocrity in at least some aspects of your life. Because, hey, you’re never going to be perfect at everything. (Unless you’re Bradley Cooper – man, that guy is handsome.) Here are some moments where it’s totally OK to be just OK.

1. Staying in bed until the last second

Some mornings, you’re up at the crack of dawn working on that side hustle, hitting the gym or journaling like a freakin’ pro. Other mornings? You hit the snooze button until it breaks, staying in that warm, womb-like bed until you’re forced to race around your room and dash out the door without brushing your hair. It’s called balance, people.

2. Eating the same sad desk lunch everyday 

Lunch is perhaps one of the finest mediocre meals. Sure, you could prepare an elaborate, healthy dish to bring to work, but there’s nothing wrong with picking up a semi-edible salad that won’t make you feel sleepy or bloated. Even better is devouring it at your desk while you surf the web and respond to your conservative aunt’s FB posts with the dankest memes.

3. Being totaly okay with never having six-pack abs

You went to the gym but did not crush it, get swole or leave it all on the floor, bruh. But you showed up, and sometimes, that’s good enough. Stop sweating it and celebrate the body you have – man boobs, belly jelly, cellulite, stretch marks and all.

4. Having a non-Instagram-worthy day 

Today’s agenda: Wake up. Put on pants. Go to work. Return home. Repeat.

5. Being in a totoally predictable relationship 

Did you meet in college? Hit it off after a couple of dates and move in together after two or three years? Don’t worry if your relationship is more “Jane the Virgin” than “Scandal.” Not everyone needs to spontaneously fall in love while tripping at Burning Man, get married by an Elvis impersonator during an anti-Wall Street protest and honeymoon in a remote region of Myanmar. It’s all about the small, boring things – eating pizza together in bed, having a quickie so you don’t miss “Westworld,” downloading Venmo so you can split rent. That’s the good stuff.

6. Drinking cheap coffee

No one will ever say that drive-thru coffee is tastier than Hawaiian beans lovingly brewed with a French press, but who has time for that? Mediocre coffee is like mediocre pizza: better than nothing. Plus, a lukewarm cup of one dollar 7-Eleven coffee is way more nostalgic than a single-origin, creme-topped, organic nut-mylk latte.

7. Enjoying totally fogettable nights with friends

And not because you mixed boxed wine with Fireball. Remember that time you and your bestie watched that movie (wait, which movie?) while chilling on your couch (wait, whose couch?) and ordered from that amazing take-out place (wait, what was that dish you always got?). Exactly.

8. Not being the life of the party

Some people are happier hanging in a cosy corner and chatting with the same crew they’ve had since fourth grade. No need to force yourself to be an extrovert. Plus, you don’t want that dip on the snack table to get cold. Oh, it’s supposed to be served cold?


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