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Slow down, it’s the new “busy”.

It can be hard to break free of the “doing-trance” and get lost in all the to-do lists, targets, chores, plans and activities at hand. Much of the “doing trance” is driven by the primitive brain which is easily anxious, a little edgy and pretty much obsessed with preparing and planning for the future. For the primitive brain, doing is a way of achieving a sense of control. It seems pretty much normal (because it looks as though almost everyone is behaving the same way) but the doing-trance is actually an indication of being hijacked by our own limbic system. To activate the higher centres of our brain (and experience higher versions of self) we have to pause: physically and mentally.

Pausing is a portal. World famous neurologist and psychologist, Victor Frankl wrote: “Between the stimulus and the response there’s a space. And in that space is your power and your freedom.”

The pause is how we experience the power of space. It helps us slow down, take stock and make sure the next decision we do make is the right one for us, setting ourselves up for the next right move.

Pausing requires that we take a step back from goal-oriented activity and simply reawaken to the sheer sensory experience of just being – just being a human being in this very moment somewhere in this very universe. Sometimes, we literally need to tell ourselves to “stop” in order to take a step back from the trance of doing. It’s a radical act to set the intention to just be.

Breathing and meditation are the most effective of means of disrupting the trance. We cultivate and curate pausing and presence during our formal breathing and meditation practice time. This is where we get familiar and strengthen our ability to ‘just be’. If you haven’t got a meditation practice going yet, this is the place to start.

Once you’re familiar with getting grounded and simply being in the present moment it’s time to create behaviour change by scattering pauses throughout your day. When you cross a doorway: pause. Before you open your car door: pause. Before you begin a task: pause. Pause and drop in. Remember that you are a human-being (not a human-doing) and taste more of the texture of life through applying mindfulness to daily life.

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Dr. Paula Watkins is a clinical psychologist, speaker and meditation teacher. She blends psychology, neuroscience and contemplative traditions into effective strategies for improving wellbeing and is passionate about supporting people to harness the power of their minds to reach their highest potential.

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