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Playing with your balls makes you smarter

We are now in an age where we’re being told that almost everything we do is wrong.  We sit too long, eat the wrong foods, eat the wrong amounts of foods, look down at our screens instead of looking upwards, and some of us even model our lives on people baring their lives on social media …

It seems we’ve pegged our (not so) little round bodies into an even smaller square hole.  What if there was a simple way to help see through all the mess modern society has encased us in? What if it were as easy as playing with your balls? And if you don’t have any, I won’t discriminate.

Yes, you read it here first, the challenge is to see how many balls you can manage to play with at one time.

I know this may sound a little odd to some, yet terribly exciting to others, as it well should be. But this has nothing to do with Tinder.

In fact, the ancient art of juggling is now being backed by modern medical studies, proving that this simple activity can lead to a vast array of cognitive, mental, and psychological improvements for those that choose to undertake this portable, silent, and inexpensive routine.

If it sounds like I’m trying to round up the newest recruits for the circus auditions, fear not. I’m only interested in creating an army of well educated, inspired, strong and supple warriors to tackle, and win the challenges that life throws at us. And this simple task is one of the first things that I have my clients do at the start of each of their sessions with myself.

Let me assure everyone right now though, that this particular challenge is something that you will never, ever, master.  “So why would I even bother doing this if I cannot beat it/win?” I hear you say to yourself.   Ah yes, and therein lies the fundamental theory of this activity.

It’s not about being the best, it’s about being your best. Once you choose the path to make constant improvements, there will be limitless opportunities opened to your newly skilled self.   

Juggling will always challenge you to make further improvements. There will always be an extra ball, a new sequence to throw them and other variables that will add to the complexity.  

It is one of the very few exercises in the world that has been proven to work both hemispheres of your brain, and can lead to an increase of up to 5% in the white matter of your brain. This is essentially, the nerve fibres in your body growing.   

From this, scientists have stated that these results have helped in reducing Alzheimer’s disease, an increase in coordination especially in the older population which has led to a decrease in the number of falls in the tested subjects, increased concentration, stress reduction (which is a huge benefit for those that saw their bank balances dry up after the Melbourne Cup), improving your self confidence and belief, plus a whole raft of other benefits like just being that keyword that seems to be lost on us at times these days: fun!

The great thing that I’ve incorporated into my laptop lifestyle lately, as I am a recent slave to the digital world, is to simply set a reminder every 60 minutes on my timer to get up, stretch my hips out, and to be able to juggle my three balls for at least 45 seconds (this is equivalent to about 100 throws).

I certainly fail almost every time, but it helps me keep focused when I sit back down at the desk. I’m in a better mood for having a laugh at myself, and it gives me something to aim towards beating next time.  

If there were ever a “quick fix” or “secret formula “ for helping yourself and others have a quick break from the pitfalls of modern life, while improving your overall performance on every level, then the simple act of playing with your balls for five minutes per day, could be a lifesaver.

Luke Istomin

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