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How to ‘exercise your mood’ this month

One in every five Australians are affected by depression. This startling statistic reveals the reality that you or someone you know will experience the black dog at some point. But did you know  that regular exercise can change the brain’s chemistry for the better? That you can improve the way you feel just by going for a walk everyday?

A recent study of more than 40,000 Norwegians concluded that people who exercise regularly at any  intensity are less likely to have symptoms of depression.  This exciting new research also found that 16 weeks of regular exercise is equally effective as antidepressant medication when it comes to treating mild to moderate depression.

Feeling tired and less motivated are two very common symptoms of depression, and exercise is often the last thing you may feel like doing. But once you put one foot in front of the other and get going, you’ll start to feel your mood change instantaneously.

Personal trainer and fitness guru Michelle Bridges lives and breathes exercise and has no doubts to how it can impact our mental and emotional wellbeing. “You don’t have to be wound up like a spring coil to do a training session,” she says.

“You have to accept that you can just go for a walk today or do a yoga session.  That’s still going to elevate your mood, make you feel like you’re still sitting in the driver’s seat, you’re in charge but also being kind to yourself.”

Exercise helps boost serotonin, a chemical in the body that plays a key role in regulating mood, sleep, libido and appetite. It can also increase your levels of endorphins, which have natural mood-lifting effects. Exercise can also provide a great distraction from worrying and give you an increased sense of control.

Health Coach Scott Gooding’s tip is to move your body every day.  “People get stuck thinking they have to go to the gym or a class for an hour.  There’s no need.  I know and there’s lots of research out there to suggest that moving your body for 5, 10 or 20 minutes … whatever time you have, can elevate your mood.”

We know that staying active is so good for you physiologically and we’re constantly learning the benefits it has on our mental health.

Dr Sam Harvey from The Black Dog Institute says that the benefits of exercise kick in a very low level of intensity. “Even if you can go from doing nothing to an hour per week.  That will make a big difference in your risk of developing depression.”

Get active – tips to help beat depression

  • On most, preferably all days of the week, do a minimum 30 minutes exercise.
  • Exercise for at least 10 minutes at a time – the 30 minute total does not need to be continuous.
  • Ask a family member or friend to be your exercise partner to help keep you motivated.
  • Be active in as many ways as possible each day: use the stairs, or get off the train one station early, park further away from the shops.
  • A little activity is better than none at all and more is better than a little.  If you feel daunted, start small and find something you feel good about doing.

September is The Black Dog Institute’s Exercise Your Mood month, which aims to highlight the benefits of exercise for people with depression and mental illness.

Bob, who suffers PTSD and now volunteers for The Black Dog Institute has some great advice. “When you’re in a dark place and you don’t think there’s any way out. If you can get to the next stage and get out for a walk or a stroll along the beach and kick the sand and the shells along. Honestly it’s really practical way of making yourself feel better.”

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Yvette Done

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Yvette Done

Yvette Done is a TV Presenter, Actor & Voice Artist with regular segments on Today Extra on Nine. She is a multi-tasking Mum of three who has been in the media industry for over 20 years and has recently become a volunteer for The Black Dog Institute. Yvette has become a fitness fanatic over the last few years & believes that focusing on health & well-being keeps her happy & her busy life in control.

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