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Making the most of a set of stairs

There’s an elevator to get from the carpark up to the entrance of the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre in Sydney.  Whenever I see able-bodied folks using that elevator to get to the gym I want to grab them by the sleeve and say, “HEY – WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  ALL EXERCISE COUNTS, NOT JUST THE SCHEDULED STUFF YOU PAY FOR!”  Because of course – right next to the elevator is a perfectly good set of stairs and trust me, that elevator is more unreliable than shark repellent.

People are nuts. I see confirmation of the craziness of other people in many things, like when you’re in traffic and you can see the person in front of you smoking out their window while nodding their heads to the misogyny channel.  Crazy!  There are so many other great radio stations!

The other day I saw a packet of potato chips that was labeled ‘HUNTER VALLEY ROAST CHICKEN, LEMON & THYME’ – clearly created and eaten by lunatics because I bought myself a packet and the chips tasted like deep-fried feet and nothing at all like Hunter Valley Roast Chicken or even Hunter Valley Fried Chicken or Hunter Valley Fried Chicken’s Feet!

Anyway, there’s nothing I like more than getting stuff for free and that includes a little bit of free exercise that you don’t even pay for.  Hence: My fondness for stairs.

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