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Kick off your Feb detox today

7 ways to stick to a detox Start today.

It’s February. Let’s take a moment for that to sink in, and … oh that’s right! You were going to start your healthy detox where you gave up alcohol/sugar/wheat/whatever your vice is. Because it’s Monday, and it’s the first of February, and there’s never been a better time to start. Obviously. Here’s how to get through the month.

1. Take the drivers seat

We all have a unique reason for getting on the detox train. It’s not because it’s trendy and everyone else is doing it, there is an emotional and physical driver behind the wheel and you know it. Identify what that is, write a few points about it and read them when you feel like you’re about to fall off the wagon. The reminder will pick you up and keep you charging on.

2. Buddy up

Have a friend, colleague, family or flatmate who can support you and vice versa. Doing things with a buddy will be great motivation for finding good healthy alternatives to whatever you’ve decided to flush out of your life for February. To make other the other move, swim, walk, run (whatever floats your boat) and when one of you might be having a dull moment (they happen to everyone we’re only human after all) a buddy can help pick you up again.

3. Make a plan

A good detox doesn’t come without some kind of planning, so try to get your head around this before you commence. Write a plan for the month of February, so you know your direction and can stick to it. If there are nights out planned, be sure also to plan to get yourself up early the next morning so you don’t feel tempted to stay out and have a drink; organise some meals with mates and give them a healthy theme so everyone can have a taste of what it’s about, or simply plan your alternatives so you know you’ve get them ready to go.

4. Find the alternatives

If it’s alcohol you’re saying goodbye to then what are the options for celebrations (champagne is a girl’s best friend right?) or going to the pub, or simply when you’ve had a long and stressful day (and a drink is your vice to tune out). Here’s a few options to start with. You’ll soon discover what makes you feel best.
Sparkling water with a wedge of orange, lemon, lime and mint sprigs. Pop it in a wine glass if it makes you feel more social.

  • A dip in the ocean to wind down instead of resorting to the lounge with a pinot.
  • Touch of mindful meditation never goes astray. Download some podcasts to guide you, or simply and sit and do some lovely deep belly breaths to defrag after a long day.
  • Arrive home and walk around the block to clear your head space and then eat a nourishing meal.
  • Fresh coconut or my favourite – kombucha. Kombucha for those new to it is a delicious, naturally sparkling, nutritious beverage that comes in all sorts of yummy flavours (raspberry, ginger, lemon, nettle, passionfruit, green tea and it goes on). Keep those elements in mind FIRST because if I told you it was a fermented drink made with SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) then you’d be more likely to turn your nose up and tell me to take my ideas on ‘refreshing’ beverages elsewhere. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it!

5. Avoid temptation

You won’t feel tempted by alcohol, sugar, salt and vinegar chips or whatever else that jumps out at you on a frequent basis if you’ve got a well-stocked fridge and pantry full of healthy, scrumptious, wholesome food. Whilst ditching your vice for a month is AWESOME, it’s also a great time for your body to recalibrate with good nutrition. So stock up on healthy snacks (raw nuts, seeds, nut butter, fresh fruit, vegetables, seed and vegetable crackers, hummus, raw balls) and plenty of high quality protein (fish, chicken, legumes, meat), healthy fats (avo, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts) to see you through the times when you feel tempted to reach for something lower on the nutrition scale.

6. Renew your attitude

Remember this is ONE MONTH OF YOUR LIFE. You can absolutely do this and everyday when you wake say it because a positive attitude will see you through. When you wake and drag yourself out of bed feeling like February is going to go on for an eternity, remember it is 28 days. Just 28 days. And if you see yourself through these 28 days imagine what else you might be capable of right? Maybe changing some bad habits for the long term (just planting seeds). So smile, remember where you’ve come from, why you’re doing it and where you are going. #yougotthis.

7. Treat yourself

This is vital. Don’t let Feb go by without giving yourself a pat on the back! Book a massage, beauty treatment, weekend away, whatever it is that makes you recognize your accomplishment by giving up something that might have been a little present in your life for the wrong reasons. Positive reinforcement doesn’t need to be sought from others, the best person to give it is YOU – to you. Good luck!

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