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How to lose weight when you’re “skinny fat”

“Skinny fat” refers to those last few kilograms we seem to be always aiming to lose, but never do. You know, the pesky tummy rolls that just won’t disappear. The muffin top poking out of our tight jeans. The chunk of inner thigh that our nine-year-old nephew makes fun of (he’s wonderful, but awfully honest).

Are we forever going to be chasing those kilograms? Will there be a time when we will be genuinely happy? When we hit that perfect number, is it nirvana or are we in a constant state of panic to stay there?

I like many other healthy, slender people suffer from dreaded body image issues. Why are we never happy with where we are at, at that exact moment in time?

Having reached my 30s, I can now thankfully say that my days of diet obsession and watching my weight like a hawk are over. Whenever I have a down day on my bod I thank it for the amazing life it has led for me. Sometimes, I might force the thank you but either way, it deserves to be thanked.

So how do you lose weight when you’re a “skinny fat” person?

It’s about coming to a peaceful mental state so that we don’t overindulge or emotionally eat (or at least, do it less). Funnily enough, obsessing over our weight just makes us focus on food more. And you know what happens when we spend all of our spare time thinking about food? We eat.

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Here are the tips I’ve gathered (that actually really work) in my 12-year-long fitness career.

1. Lose the social media that makes you feel like crap, or at least don’t make it the first thing you look at in the morning.

2. Be kind to yourself by eating food that is actually good for you rather than eliminating food groups.

3. Don’t be afraid of weights, abs are the new skinny don’t you know?

4. Ditch the scales: I have put on seven kgs of muscle in the last year so scales mean absolutely nothing).

5. Meditate: it’s amazing how effective mediation can be when it comes to your diet.

6. Give up sugar: try I did the I Quit Sugar plan three years ago and it changed my life and body.

7. Give yourself time off the booze: try and take every Monday toThursday off and every six months try and take off a good four to six weeks.

8. Get variety in your workouts: I love exercising but I have always mixed it up, don’t let your exercise regime get boring and your body will thank you for it. A Bodypass membership ticks all these boxes.

9. Don’t for a second think that models should be your goal. Those gals will all tell you that they, more than any woman have body hang ups, and most of the time all the photos are altered.

10. Don’t over exercise: over-exercising at the end of the day won’t really help with weight loss as you usually end up over-producing the stress hormone cortisol which stimulates a blood sugar build up, if this isn’t utilised it gets deposited as fat (usually around the belly).

11. Wear confidence as an outfit: nothing will ever look as good as a woman with confidence and if all else fails, fake it till you make it.

12. Get more incidental exercise in to your life, walking to work, taking the stairs, no remote control, no internal emailing, create social groups that revolve around physical activity rather than drinking and eating.


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