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When it’s okay to wear makeup to the gym

This may be hard to believe, but I have, at times, been subjected to some mockery in my life. Sometimes it’s the obvious physical traits that get attention, like being short or having poor eyesight, other times it’s my dancing, shameless buffet greed or my inability to pronounce the word “posture” without sitting up straight.

During my last office job we used to take a strictly-enforced break every morning for half an hour and I would use this time to go for a 3.4km jog. My colleagues mocked me for applying lipstick before I headed out. Without fail, they mocked me, and without fail I applied lipstick.

I explained that I was offsetting the flushed and sweaty look that was coming. Also, it made me feel good. Also, who cares? Wearing makeup makes me feel good. And not just when you’re exercising.

Top 5 places where makeup helps

1. Traffic. Daylight through the windscreen of your car is actually some of the best lighting in the world for applying make-up and it helps pass time you’d otherwise spend wondering how so many radio stations can simultaneously play Justin Bieber (– YES in traffic jams, NO at 60kmph).

2. If you’re a toddler and your parent enters you into a beauty pageant. Make-up is very important for hiding sun damage and nicotine stains.

3. First dates. (When I was a single mum I told a good friend “I don’t wear any makeup to first dates because I don’t want to set any false expectations.” She said, “No wonder you’re a single mum.”)

4. When you get asked to be the hot babe in a Drake video.

5. Getting fired from a job. If you’re gonna get the sack at least do it while wearing a lipstick colour called ‘Flat Out Fabulous’ or ‘Quelle Surprise!’

Yumi’s make-up tips

Something I learnt through years of wearing television-grade make-up is that crème blush tends not to go festy and streak the way a powder can. Green eyeliner is always appropriate and a surprisingly little-known fact is that red lipstick makes you run faster.

Take this theory and apply it to what you’re wearing for your next run, swim, or trip to the gym. Doing what it takes to make yourself a little tiny bit spruced can put a spring in your stride that may take you over the line for your next personal best. I always think about that when I see a guy crossing a fun-run finish line wearing a tutu.

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