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Tash Oakley’s health secrets

Sydney-born, LA-based bikini blogger and entrepreneur, Natasha Oakley, is renowned for her natural beauty and hit blog A Bikini A Day, which she co-founded with fellow model Devin Brugman.

Wearing a bikini day in day out, Tash is naturally interested in health and fitness. In fact, that’s one of her secrets: if you have to put on a bikini every day for a living, you will find a way to exercise! If, unlike Tash, you have an office job and unfortunately don’t spend your days on the beach, here are her other health and beauty secrets. As the new face of Fitbit, she’s definitely earning a health expert reputation.

1. What’s your fitness routine? 

My fitness routine changes every time I travel to a new place. I like to mix it up a lot, but I definitely have my go-to routines, like the ‘butt workout’ and ‘circuit routine’ from abikiniaday.com. I love bikram yoga, and being a beach girl, I also enjoy surfing and stand up paddle boarding.

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2. What’s your food philosophy?

You just have to keep the sense of proportion. I think it’s important to eat healthy and these days it’s very easy to find delicious, healthy food. If you live a balanced lifestyle you can also indulge in the naughty things and not feel so bad. I don’t like to restrict myself or follow a particular “diet” plan, but I definitely crave fresh juices, salads and all of the good stuff.

3. Take us through your typical health/ fitness/ food day.

On a normal day, I’ll wake up and have a smoothie and then do a workout. Often, I’ll do my circuit routine, which lasts for an hour. Around midday, I’ll have a salad or fish for lunch. For dinner, I’ll have red meat, vegetables or a salad and for dessert some dark chocolate.

4. What’s your best bikini body tip?

Workout, eat right, live a balanced lifestyle and then rock what you’ve got! Wearing a bikini at the beach is about having fun. Luckily most of us don’t have to worry about walking down a runway, although the beach can sometimes feel like it. So don’t forget the real meaning behind the bikini, which is freedom, travel and relaxation.

5. How does Fitbit fit into your routine?

So many ways! Which is why I love it. Consistency is the key, so I try to wear it as much as possible. I have a daily goal of reaching 10,000 steps and if it reaches the evening and I’m still not there, it encourages me to get out and take a walk or evening jog. It’s very addictive. My friends and I have competitions to see who does the most activity. I never want to lose, so it motivates me! Another function that I love is being able to monitor my sleep. When I’m travelling and changing time zones, it’s important for me to know how much rest I’m getting so that I don’t get run down. Fitbit monitors my sleeping patterns, so I know when it’s time to slow down for a minute and have a rest.

6. What do you use on your skin to keep it safe in the sun?

Lots of sunscreen! I always wear a hat and I’m very protective of my face and chest. I wear sunscreen daily, not just when I’m at the beach. I’m very aware of the damage the sun can do.

7. What’s your beauty routine?

I like to keep things simple in the beauty department. On a daily basis, I will apply SPF tinted moisturiser, mascara and some lip balm. My skin care routine is also very basic. I wash my face with a gentle face wash and moisturise every morning and night.

8. Top 5 things that get you through the week.

  1. My best friend Devin for moral support, no matter where I am in the world.
  2. The “messy” bun for bad hair days.
  3. Moisturiser – so I never look dull or dry while I’m travelling.
  4. Salads – I crave them all the time and can’t go a day without some healthy food.
  5. Fitbit has recently become important to me. It allows me to monitor my sleep, how many calories I burn and encourages me to take the stairs instead of the elevator at
    airports to gain extra steps.

9. What’s on your workout playlist right now?

You can see my whole workout playlist on spotify. My account is abikiniaday and it is the FITSPO workout playlist.


Credit: Instagram @tashoakley


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