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Tips for keeping fit when you’re under the weather

The weather is getting colder, and with the change of season, usually comes a variety of colds, flus and other nasty bugs.

So what’s the best advice for when you’re feeling under the weather. Do you harden up and push through it, or take a day or two off and hit it hard when you’re feeling better?

If you have a common cold in the absence of a fever, physical activity is usually A-OK. In fact, you may feel better for the exercise as it opens up your nasal passages and relieves congestion. Just listen to your body and let it be your guide. Drop back the intensity a little depending on how you feel during your workout.

As a general rule, exercise is usually ok if your signs and symptoms are above the neck. Think runny nose, nasal congestion, sneezing or sore throat. Just make sure you’re not getting close enough to anyone to spread your germs and be extra careful about personal hygiene at the gym.

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Below the neck is another story. If you have chest congestion, hacking cough, upset stomach, fever, significant fatigue or widespread muscle aches, leave the runners in the cupboard and the dumbbell on the rack. It’s definitely time rest up.

If you attempt to do your normal workout when you have more than a simple cold, you could risk more serious injury or illness. Take a few days off to give your body the best chance to fight it.

As you start to feel better, you may need to reintroduce exercise slowly – a gentle walk or cycle may help to get you back into the swing of things. And soon, you’ll be back to exercising as normal.

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