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What does a vegetarian nutritionist eat? My fit life

Jess Rutledge is a qualified nutrionist at The Greenery Clinic, where she advocates a plant-based diet. She’s also a walking, talking, glowing advertisement of good health. So much so we wanted to know more. In this new series by the Juice Daily, we profile healthy people and their diet and fitness routines.

1. What is your fitness routine?

I make an effort to move my body daily. It makes me feel good, and if I don’t, I don’t sleep well and build up stagnant energy which can affect my mood and concentration. Depending on how I’m feeling I will do yoga at home, go for a walk or a run. I live near Bronte beach so love running along the coastal paths there. I love ballet style exercise classes as well so will try get along to one or two of those a week as well. If I’m short on time I also love to do a quick at home work out using a fitness app called RAWFIT: A million workouts. You can choose to do a 15, 30 or 60 minute workout and you don’t need any equipment. I also meditate daily, I did a vedic meditation course with Jacqui Lewis of The Broad Place last year and it changed my life. It’s the first thing I do in the morning. It makes my mind clearer, increases my focus and improves my sleep.



2. What’s your health philosophy?

You are what you eat. It is as simple as that – I choose to eat fresh, light, organic, vibrant and juice plant food because I want to feel fresh, light and vibrant. I believe that the body’s natural state is one of health and if we can listen to our bodies and support it through natural means it will in turn offer us health. I also believe that food is medicine and how we eat drastically affects our mood, mind, movement, our entire functioning. After years of trial and error and research, I believe that eating a plant based diet is best for my health. I stopped eating animal products once I discovered the difference I felt not including animal products in my diet and also understanding the ethical and environmental effects associated with the meat and dairy industries.




3. What would you eat on a general day?

I start the day with warm water to hydrate kickstart digestion. I aim to drink 1.5 to 3 litres of water a day and often mix some chlorophyll in for extra goodness (chlorophyll is rich in magnesium).

I’ll either then have a hot drink, my favourite at the moment is a mix of ho shou wu powder (a powder herb that is wonderfully soothing for the adrenals) cinnamon, coconut milk and hot water. It has a delicious caramel taste.
Then mid morning I’ll have a cold pressed green vegetable juice or smoothie, normally from Orchard Street where I work or I’ll make a green smoothie at home before I get to work.

Lunch is varied, maybe another green smoothie or a brown rice sushi roll with avo and cucumber if I’m out and about or if I’m at home I’ll make my favourite detox salad which is cucumbers, sauerkraut, cold pressed olive oil and cracked pepper. So easy and delicious and good for you.

Throughout the afternoon I’ll try get in an Orchard street kefir water, a herbal tea or might treat myself to a raw cacao based almond milk or some raw chocolate.

Dinner is varied, if I’m out it’s generally Asian, Japanese, Thai, Indian and always with a bit of rice and lots of veggies. At home I’ll make a large salad of some description; zucchini noodles, or a quinoa based spice salad. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been able to eat much more intuitively which feels good, I eat when I’m hungry and I’m not thinking about food when I’m not. I’ll always seek out the healthy option wherever I am, because I’ve reached a point where not doing so just doesn’t make me feel good. When you feel the difference from consistently choosing healthy options and eating to nourish your body its hard to go back.




4. What is your beauty routine?

Minimal and natural. I don’t put anything on my skin that I couldn’t eat, because our skin absorbs so much and what is absorbed goes pretty directly into our blood stream unlike what we eat which goes through a pretty rigorous filtering system (intestines and liver!). On a daily basis I dry body brush (great for exfoliating and getting your lymph system moving which helps remove toxins internally and gives you a lovely glow), then I shower, alternating between warm and cold water which helps to get my circulation going and again contributes to a healthy glow and clean, taut skin. I’ll moisturize with rosehip oil then apply Kora tinted moisturizer which also has SPF in it . Somedays I’ll apply some Ere Perez almond oil mascara (if I’m feeling fancy!) this is as far as my makeup goes, even for special events. Of an evening I’ll wash my face with oil to remove makeup etc, or use a homemade exfoliant of olive oil and raw sugar (leaves you smelling delicious). I love to bath and frequently have a bath with Epsom salts which helps to relax your muscles and reduce water retention after a long day on your feet! What I eat is also a key part of my beauty routine, no amount of makeup can hide a bad diet. So I choose to eat foods that leave my system alkaline and are anti-inflammatory, which means clean, clear and glowing skin.

5. How did you start your business?

It’s been an evolution rather than a distinct decision, with my passion and interest in nutrition and wellness which has grown over the years as I studied nutrition and yoga and then began working in the industry. There were moments where I felt like I had to have it all done and ready to go (ie. Website, instagram, blog etc) but it doesn’t happen like that especially when you’re working a job on the side as well. I am thankful I work in the industry that allows me to connect with like minded individuals and companies that have given rise to opportunities to connect with people who are interested in what I offer. Recently I’ve tried to take the pressure off and just let it evolve more steadily, this allows for a more organic process of development and less stress. It’s a constant work in progress!




6. How do you fit fitness in?

I’ve reached a point in my life where I am less regimented about how I incorporate fitness into my days, instead of forcing myself up early to go for a run or to the gym each morning, now I just let it happen naturally. Its about trusting my body and knowing that if I need to move (exercise) I will, I’ve become more intuitive with what my body needs which feels much better than forcing it into eating and moving in a particular way. My schedule varies week to week so I just go with where I’m at that day, it may be yoga and meditation in the morning if I have less time or out for a run of an evening. I’ve also come to understand that less can be more with exercise. I don’t feel I need to exercise half as much as I used to, and also the less pressure I put on myself to conform to a particular regime the less stress I experience!

I think more people, women in particular, need to be more intuitive with their diet and exercise, trust that they know what their body needs and will provide it for themselves rather than following a particular diet or exercise regime because its what’s in fashion or what someone else does and they look great doing it. For sure seek out information and take ideas from others, but tune into how it makes you feel; this is where you get valuable results.



8. How do you keep things interesting on a vegetarian diet?

Again this isn’t such a conscious thing, as I love all fruits and veggies and I love to cook. I go through phases of getting creative in the kitchen and mixing up colourful salads and raw food dishes then I have weeks where I eat very simply and turn to my old favourites (cucumber and sauerkraut salad or avocado on grain free bread). Variety is the key really, and also not being restrictive, some days I feel like eating big hearty meals and other days I just want a light salad or a smoothie. I’d rather eat like that than feel I have to get in three square meals a day, everyday. I trust that my body seeks out what it needs and so I listen to my cravings and satisfy them with the healthiest option I can.

10. What’s your go-to recipe?

It’s super simple and super healthy: cucumber and sauerkraut salad

Dice a few cucumbers, and add to a bowl along with 3-5 tablespoons on sauerkraut. Drizzle on cold pressed olive oil, and cracker pepper and bon appetit!

This salad is super rich in fibre, probiotics and minerals. Cucumbers are unsung superfoods, fantastic for reducing fluid retention (which helps you feel long and lean) and gives your body beauty boosting minerals such as zinc and silica.

If I need it to be a bit more filling I’ll have some dehydrated veg crackers with it as well.

11. What’s your absolute favourite meal?

It used to be breakfast but now I’m not such an early eater, lunch is really my first meal of the day. but I love going for brunch on the weekends! Favouite spot is Ruby’s café in Waverley – awesome green smoothies and avo toast.




12. What’s your food splurge?

Italian – they do food so well. simple and fresh homemade pasta with truffle oil or cherry tomatoes & basil.

13. Describe your style in two words

Clean and simple. I like plain colours, and simple comfortable shapes. Favorite outfit other than a bikini on the beach, is my white jeans with a cream silk shirt or white Feit t-shirt, and Stan Smith sneakers or rag & bone sandals.

14. What’s your favourite workout gear?

My workout outfits are pretty much all black! Favourite pieces include Nike sports bras, The Upside tights or my TXU tights.

15. What’s your morning routine?

So varied but ideally it goes like this:
Wake up, dry body brush, shower.
Drink half a litre of water.
20 minutes of sun salutes and 20 minute vedic meditation.
Drink a tea or hot herbal elixir.
Walk by the beach and a quick swim.
Green smoothie made at home or from Orchard Street – loving their new Green Lassi flavor!
Dressed and out the door, 20 minute walk to work.






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Jess is a vegetarian nutritionist who believes that nature offers bountiful healing potential and that we can utilise our food as medicine with great results for true health. She also believes that food is to be enjoyed. As a keen cook and caterer, she understands the need to make food uncomplicated and delicious, while maintaining a consideration for its nutritional value. Visit her clinic, www.thegreeneryclinic.com for more advice.

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